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Kiden Nixon is a female character that features in Marvel Comics.



Living with her loving parents and three brothers in the fictional X-District of New York City, Kiden's life changed forever as a young girl when her police officer father was gunned down in front of her. The traumatized Nixon grew up to be a troubled teenager.

Her mutant power first manifested itself at school when she got into an altercation with gang leader Hector. As her friend was being attacked by Hector's friends Kiden screamed "Stop it!", which suddenly caused time to seemingly freeze around her as she found herself in an accelerated personal timestream. She was free to move around at normal speeds as everything around her slowed to a virtual standstill. However, as soon as she poked Hector on the arm, everything around her snapped back to normal speed and she had also accidentally broken Hector's arm due to the relative velocity with which her finger hit him.

The next day Kiden met with the principal who wanted to suspend her, but Ms. Cameron Palmer, her 20-something teacher, sympathized with Kiden and convinced him to reconsider. Later, Hector smuggled a gun onto campus and fired it at Kiden, but Kiden used her power once again to slow time and step out of the bullet's path. However, she accidentally touched Hector and when time resumed around her, the bullet continued on its path and hit Ms. Palmer instead.

Shocked by being responsible for what looks like the death of her teacher, Kiden immediately ran from the scene of the crime. Instead of going to her friends and family she becomes a runaway. For the next six months she traveled the country, living on the streets while exploring her powers and meeting other runaways. At one point she spent four months in the accelerated state she called "no-time", during which only three days passed in the real world.

When she returns home, she meets her older brother, who tells her that their mother had remarried and, angry with her for disappearing, that life got better for everyone when she was gone, causing her to get upset and hit the streets once again. She resurfaces some time later at the apartment of a heavily medicated Ms. Palmer, who survived the shooting six months ago, but had been severely traumatized ever since. Kiden shows up at Palmer's apartment unannounced, but up just in time to find a passed out Ms. Palmer in her bathtub, her wrists cut open after trying to commit suicide. Kiden manages to call an ambulance in time and saves her life. Later Kiden tells Ms. Palmer about her mutation, the fact that she was responsible for her getting shot, and that the reason she showed up at Palmer's apartment when she did was that an apparition of her deceased father told her to. Cameron finds it all hard to swallow and tells Kiden to stop lying.

While spending the night at Palmer's place, Kiden is once again visited by the apparition of her dead father, who gives her the address to a nearby Hotel and a room number, and orders her to go as soon as possible. Kiden leaves with Ms. Palmer and when they arrive at the hotel room they find a dead body and the mutant X-23 sitting on a bloodied bed with her Adamantium claws out. X-23 tells them that she had been working as a prostitute and that the man had actually killed himself. Kiden and Palmer leave, taking X-23 with them. Kiden later explains that the apparition of her father had only told her when and where to find them, and that they will all need each other later on. Back at Palmer's apartment, Kiden's father appeared once again to warn her that X-23's pimp, Zebra Daddy, wants her back, and he has already sent gunmen to Palmer's place to retrieve her and kill the rest of them.

The three manage to escape the apartment just before it is raided and windup spending the night on the streets as they try to figure out what to do next while Zebra Daddy has his thugs combing the city looking for them. The next day they run into another teenage mutant named Tatiana who was being chased by a mob after her mutant ability to transform into animals manifested for the first time. Later, an angry and frustrated Ms. Palmer tells Kiden that she did indeed ruin her life and that she should feel guilty for everything that has happened but then apologizes. The three then decide to head back to Palmer's apartment later that night to get some cash and credit cards.

Unfortunately the thugs have staked out the apartment and Ms. Palmer is captured inside. X-23, Kiden, and Tatiana, who are waiting outside, are found by another teenage mutant named Bobby Soul aka Felon, who has the ability to possess the body of others. Felon had been hired by the pimp to look for them, but for some reason Kiden's father had also appeared to him earlier, and has asked him to help the girls out, promising that this in turn will help his younger brother who is comatose. The newly formed group of four is then confronted by the pimp and his thugs. Upon meeting him for the first time Kiden recognizes Zebra Daddy as the man who murdered her father all those years ago. The four mutants use their powers to take down the thugs, and as the pimp holds Kiden, Felon, and Tatiana at gunpoint, X-23 swiftly kills him and the rest of his gang. Kiden also uses her power to save Ms. Palmer from being thrown from a window.

The four of them agree that there must be a purpose for them being brought together and decide to figure it out. In the epilogue of the final issue, Kiden's family, plus her mother's new husband and his son, are seen packing the last of their possessions into a car as they are moving somewhere else. Her mother seems slightly hesitant to leave as Kiden's brother never told her about her daughter's return, but eventually tells her new husband that she's ready to leave. Just as they begin to drive down away from their old home, a mailman runs after them, yelling for them to stop. They don't notice him however and drive off as the mailman gives up, holding a letter from Kiden addressed to her mother.


After the events of House of M, Kiden was listed as one of the remaining 198 mutants to retain their powers post M-Day.

NYX: No Way Home

Afterwards, the 16 year old Kiden was shown to be still living with Tatjana, Bobby and his little brother. Whereas Mrs. Palmer seems to slowly get a grip on her life again and Kiden got a job as a dishwasher even though she still tends to dumpster dive. Furthermore it is noteworthy that the letter Kiden had sent to her mother (who had moved with the rest of the family) in the end of NYX was returned to her in the first issue of NYX: No Way Home. During a run-in with some local criminals that leaves the group hunted by police as well as the underworld, they find temporary shelter by the former X-Man Cecilia Reyes and it is revealed that the latest hunting on them is largely orchestrated by what appears to be Kiden's dead father who believes it was the only way capable of keeping her alive.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

As a Mutant, she had the unique ability of realigning herself into a faster timestream, altering her perceptions so that events occurring in real time appear to be moving in slow motion and allowing her to move with relatively much greater velocity and force. She doesn't tire or require sustenance in this state and can spend months in what she terms "no time", while only a few days or more have passed in real time.

The power is usually verbally activated, when Kiden says "stop". However, she is capable of exerting this power by sheer will alone. Sometimes, under stress, it happens without her control.

Originally, the only way Kiden knows how to return to the normal timestream was to make skin-to-skin contact with another person. However, it was apparent that she had to be careful when she was doing this as the person she touches would be affected by the relative velocity and inertia that she could exerts on them. For example, when she first exits her timestream, she pokes a bystander on the arm with her finger, only to break that person's arm. This has changed some time between the original series and the second one, she is now able to exit at will.

It was later revealed (much to her own surprise) that Kiden is able to take other people together with her into "no time" as long as she keeps physical contact with them


  • Kiden Nixon was created by Joe Quesada and Joshua Middleton where she made her first appearance in NYX v1 #1 (November, 2003).

Alternate Versions

  • During the Messiah War Kiden appears for the first time outside the NYX-Series. She appears inside the alternate future-timeline where Cable and X-Force confront Stryfe and Bishop. She appears to be ripped from around the present and hooked up to a machine to amplify her power and is used by Stryfe to keep his fortress out of the normal timestream. X-23 recognizes her friend, causing the other X-force members to hesitate killing her. Kiden pleads for Laura to kill her, but remains hesitant in killing her old friend. Unable to wait any longer because of the strain that was being put on their bodies, Domino kills Kiden, deactivating her powers. Kiden demonstrated an ability to block time travelers from traveling through time as well as preventing teleporters to use their ability, if this is a natural evolution of her abilities or if they were enhanced artificially remains unknown.


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