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Kilobot was a robotic villain that featured in Cubix: Robots for Everyone.


Kilobot was created by Dr K during the shows second season to be the ultimate robot. He was made to be far smarter then any of Dr K's other creations as well as quite powerful. His early form was a black-reddish thin body that appeared somewhat vampiric with wings. It was capable of absorbing data from other robots and taking on their powers as well as characteristics thus making him even more powerful.

He was named on the fact that his powers alowed him the potential to copy of up to a thousand other robots making his power possibly limitless. After a battle with Cubix, Kilobot used his powers to absorb some of his powers which led to a bulkier and upgraded form. His intelligence made him Cubix's arch nemesis and even though he served Dr K, he had intentions on taking control for himself. This came to fruitrition by the season finale where he planned an ultimate take over and betrayed his creator. Creating an army of Zombots, Kilobot nearly succeeded but was permanently deactivated by his own Zombot.

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