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King Bradley is a male anime character that features in Fullmetal Alchemist.



Orphan test subject.
Fuhrer King Bradley.

King Bradley (キング・ブラッドレイ Kingu Buraddorei) was a male member of the military of the land of Amestris. He was actually an orphan that was raised by the military with his name being unknown but was one of many such children that were taken in as part of a secretive experimental program. This program was headed by Father who secretly controlled the Amestrian government. Through his backing, a training regimen was created in order to breed the public ruler of Amestris with the successful candidate being Fuhrer. The boy that would become King Bradley was designated as the twelfth subject where he engaged in a brutal training regime as he was trained to become his country's new ruler. By the time of adulthood, the second phase of the experiment was ready whereby the Philosopher's Stone was injected into the candidates. This was with the intention of turning them into a Homunculi but the majority of the test subjects died. This was until the twelfth subject who was injected with the distilled Stone in liquid form and after excruciating pain his body bean to accept it. Thus, he became a human Homunculi that was designated as Wrath (ラース Rāsu) the Furious and the final of Father's children. The military provided him a background and a name where he became known as King Bradley. In time, he came to rule Amestris as its public leader all the while bringing about the final stage of Father's plan to completion. At some point, he encountered a woman that he grew to love and married her where she lived as his wife though she was unaware of her husband's true nature. To support Wrath, Pride was dispatched to masquerade as the couple's son Selim where they appeared as an ordinary family to outsiders. As Fuhrer, he secretly instituted a number of military campaigns in order to bring about as much death as possible as this was desired by Father for the fulfillment of his goals. Only the top hierarchy of the Amestrian military were aware of his true nature as a Homunculi and supported Father in his goals as they sought immortality.

He was present at the day of the entrance exam of Edward Elric's test to determine him joining the ranks of the State Alchemists. Bradley was impressed by the young alchemist who could perform his alchemy without the use of a transmutation circle which he did to produce a spear that he brought towards the Fuhrer. Unknown to the boy, the Fuhrer had severed the spear with the quick movement of his sword and told the young man that he had much to learn whilst smiling.


Personality and attributes

The Homunculi Wrath.

In appearance, King Bradley resembled an older adult human being with dark hair and a moustache. He was typically seen sporting an eye patch over his left eye which hid his Ultimate Eye that contained an Uroborous symbol that indicated his nature as a Homunculi.

Outwardly, he portraying himself as a kind ruler but was ultimately a hateful cynic with an atheistic view of religion as a means to enforce order on the fearful masses. Bradley demonstrated a sense of pride at his stature as when the rebel forces took over the Capitol he scoffed at the idea of being expected to come through the back door of his own palace.

He did not have any last words for his wife stating that he chose her to live with him. As such, he felt that the pair completely knew one another and that there was little to say as a result.

Normally, when within society he showed himself as a kind man with a smile on his face. This was even more so the case when he showed himself to be a kind father to Selim and loving husband to his wife. His more brutal nature was shown during combat engagements or when he was forced to threaten someone. Such a guise was completely abandoned when he showcased his true nature as a Homunculi.

Powers and abilities

The Ultimate Eye.

Despite that, he had traits that were not like the other Homunculi. Chief among these was that he was able to age similar to a human being allowing him to grow old. Such a trait allowed him to blend easily as a human being rather than remain young. These more human-like traits were, however, a disadvantage as unlike the other Homunculi - he was not able to regenerate from his wounds.

His unique power and trait was his Ultimate Eye that when freed allowed him to see even the most minute of movements or details. This allowed him to read an opponent in battle and avoid oncoming attacks with nearly no effort.

Such was his skill with the blade that he could move it such speeds that another person could not perceive them. An example of this was during the entrance exam to be a State Alchemist where he severed the spear Edward Alric had created and pointed at the Fuhrer that had been severed without the young boy noticing. He was able to kill State Alchemists with his blade on one-on-one basis and his sword was capable of cutting through armor worn by soldiers.


  • King Bradley was created by Hiromu Arakawa where he featured in the setting of Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • In the 2003 anime, King Bradley's was changed from the source material as he was still a Homunculi but was instead changed to Pride rather than Wrath. As with the other Homunculi in this continuity, Bradley was created from a failed attempt at human transmutation that brought him back as an inhuman creature where he lived as the Fuhrer of Amestris. He lived with his wife and son Selim but secretly kept his human remains hidden whilst serving Dante in the achievement of her goals. As a Homunculi, he demonstrated the ability to regrow his flesh unlike in the Manga and battled Roy Mustang at his home. However, his son Selim feared for his father and returned home with an item that Bradley said was precious to him which were his remains. The act of bringing his remains to close proximity weakened Bradley who grew angry at his son and snapped Selim's neck. However, the opportunity allowed Mustang to finally destroy King Bradley along with his remains thus freeing Amestris from his control.


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