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Klendathu is a planet that features in Starship Troopers.



mmediately following the Bugs' attack on Earth, leveling Buenos Aires, the Terran Federation attacks Klendathu. The attack is codenamed "Operation Bughouse". Heinlein makes clear in the novel that the attack on Klendathu is undertaken despite calls for additional defensive forces on the home world. This stirred up the civilians and inspired loud screams to bring all their forces home, from everywhere—orbit them around the planet practically shoulder to shoulder and interdict the space Terra occupies. The attack on Klendathu is unsuccessful, leading Juan Rico to call it "Operation Madhouse". Casualties are high and the assault needs to be abandoned in less than a day.

While Klendathu's terrain is never described in the Robert A. Heinlein novel, the movie presents Klendathu (along with every other planet save Earth) as a desert world. In the film, Klendathu (at night) is shown as dark blue with two moons around it, with no structures visible. The location chosen for Klendathu was Hell's Half Acre in central Wyoming. In the book, Heinlein depicts the important structures on Klendathu as subterranean, describes the tunnel interiors as glassy-smooth; and he makes it clear that there is a capital city somewhere under the surface of the planet. The Mobile Infantry never come close to securing either the topside or the underground tunnels of the planet. After the assault on Planet P in the novel, the final chapter recounts the drop room scene as Johnny Rico, having become a lieutenant, prepares his "Roughnecks" for the climactic assault on Klendathu.




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