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Koko Hekmatyar.

Koko Hekmatyar is a female character that features in Jormungand.



Koko Hekmatyar was the daughter of shipping magnate Floyd Hekmatyar and the younger sister of Kasper Hekmatyar. She and her brother were both noted to had been born on ships and would constantly be moved around between various countries. As a result, they both lacked any sense of patriotism to a specific country but was instead exposed to the business of HCLI from a young age. These business adventures led to her holding multiple passports that she used to travel and work internationally.

During her teenage years, she was active in these business ventures and had Lehm Wiley and Chiquita being the first members of her bodyguard detail. Chiquita would later act as her brother Kasper's bodyguard whereupon Koko recruited Valmet after she had returned from Finland. The former Major had the choice of either returning to a domestic life or become a key figure in the world leading to Valmet joining the bodyguard detail as her military life had ended after her squad were ambushed in Africa. Afterwards, she recruited Mao into the squad after he was discharged from the army following a training accident. She would come to learn that Mao had kept the truth about his activities from his children and he would confess this to her in tie. Koko would accept his reasoning for keeping the secret but advised him to make sure that being kind did not undo him and that he should be proud of his team mates. On another occasion, she dealt weapons with a Mafia organization who unknown to her had decided to pay in drugs. This led to Koko rejecting their offer where she had her bodyguards kill all of them except one known as Ugo who had reacted to the drug deal with disgust. She would question Ugo why he reacted in this why and when he expressed his reasoning Koko decided to recruit him as a driver as she respected him for his disgust with drugs.

During one such deal, she along with her bodyguards were ambushed by Hex with a CIA squad who intended to kill her. This incident was quite traumatic on the young Koko who said she did not want to die and begged Valmet to protect her. She claimed that was the reason she and the other bodyguards were being paid which necessitated a slap to her face by Valmet in order to calm her down. At that point, Echo emerged telling her to not worry as he would never allow her to be hurt. Echo at that moment had been fatally wounded but parted words of wisdom to Koko telling her never to show being scared and that she should always smile regardless of the circumstances as this put those under her command at ease. This incident would secure the enmity between Hex and Koko with both not being able to sleep at night whenever there was a full moon.

Her brother later introduced her to an African child soldier to serve as Koko's bodyguard who went by the name of Jonah. When meeting him, she noted his stone cold expression but vowed that she would melt his exterior and expose his more loving core.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, she was a slim fair skinned young woman with waist long white hair styled in a home cut along with light colored blue eyes. When she was younger, she had her hair at chin length and maintained it at this length two years later. She and her brother were noted to look so alike that they could have passed for twins with the only factor changing this was his older age. Typically, she was smartly and well dressed with her favoring business suits or a similar attire either with or without a necktie. Koko tended to wear a white coat that had a feather-like collar and as she burn out when in the sun she would wear a broad-brimmed straw hat when out doors for a long length of time. Both her allies and those enemies of her who respected Koko referred to her as the "little lady".

She always kept her cool even when her life was in danger with Jonah commenting that she kept a smile on her face. This she claimed stemmed from her fathers philosophy namely that the life of an arms dealer was a grim one. However, another reason for this came from advice when Hex hunted her and Echo died saving Koko's life. Before he died, he told Hekmatyar that a leader should never cry or show fear but instead face adversity with a smile for the soldiers under their command as this would reassure them. As such, she felt she needed to show a smile that was simply a mask whilst they kept a tight hold over their heart. This made her difficult to read as she was secretive and never disclosed her actual thoughts. Koko became somewhat divided on this stance following R's death as she struggled to reconcile Echo's words with R's who had claimed that always showing a smile made it difficult for her own men to get a read on her. She would claim about herself that she was not a genius though Dr. Miami would state she was in the field of being an arms dealer. Minami would state that this stemmed from Koko's ability to get others to trust her.

According to R, Jonah held an important role in Koko's life and acted as a form of limiter. He claimed that Jonah allowed Hekmatyar to retain her humanity and possibly not devolve into a complete monster. As such, he believed that the death of Jonah would be a catastrophic affect on Koko's life. Koko herself said Jonah was one of the only people she loved as her kinship with him stemmed from her belief that the two were the same in thought. She believed that Jonah shared many of the same views of the world as herself. The only other person that she considered a true friend and confidante was Minami Amada with the two seeking to change the world completely. Minami would also believe that Jonah had a part in Hekmatyar's life by making her soft in the heart. She hated her life as an arms dealer and hated both the weapons as well as the people using them. It was a case of irony in her mind that even though she hated such a life she even though she excelled at it. Her view on the world was that it hated everyone who lived on it and Koko said she hated it right back in turn. However, instead of reveling in this life, she sought to change the world by removing the reasons for war even if there were collateral losses of life in the process. Koko claimed that in a new world without war she might grow to love it in time.

Whilst she did not believe all arms dealers needed to experience a life of war she did hold the view that they needed to have the experience of seeing warfare and their weapons in action. She and her father both believed that certain individuals after they killed enough people transcended their humanity where they become something much more dangerous. Such people she called were dragons like the myths of old and that mankind could not live in the same world as such individuals. Thus, like in myth, she held the view that people needed to find such people and slay them. However, others viewed that she was slowly becoming a monster herself and that she dreaded the day when her own people would see her as such as well as turn away from her. Koko whilst engaging in the practice of an arm dealer had a dim view of drug dealers and would eliminate those that paid her in drugs. She did, however, show mercy to those in the other party's detail that were disgusted with drugs and this was how she recruited Ugo into her bodyguard detail.

It was said that she hated her father, Floyd Hekmatyar. In addition, she felt the world hated everyone who lived on it with Koko in turn hating it back.

Koko sometimes suffered from sleep walking whereby she would get up randomly at night. Hekmatyar tended to not sleep well and would wake in the night whenever there was a full moon as she was reminded of the trauma that surrounded Echo's death. She was also noted by her crew for being a mean drunk. On certain occasions when drunk, she would sometimes take out childish frustrations out on her employees. Koko would also get jealous whenever one of her employees in her bodyguard detail thought about leaving her for another employer.

Hekmatyar had a vengeful streak and was noted to seek out revenge for fallen comrades. When R was killed by Hex, Koko had HCLI track down the rogue CIA operative and directed a bomber to dropping ordnance on the site to kill her.

Powers and abilities

Her knowledge of weapons due to he time as an arms dealer meant she knew the destructive potential of various armaments from guns to helicopter gunships. This meant she knew the danger of some of them whilst with others she knew their innate weaknesses.

She was noted for being a good shot with a pistol.

The ultimate power within Koko's arsenal was the plan that led to the creation of her top-secret project known as Jormungand. This involved the use of the Hek-GG network of 126 satellites that were linked to two central quantum computers. These machines were able to run processes at an atomic level quicker than the fastest supercomputer. This allowed it the capacity to crack encryptions faster than any computer system can respond or adapt. Such an ability allowed it to hack a system and easily evade detection without anyone being able to determine that their system had been broken into by Jormungand.


  • Koko Hekmatyar was voiced by Marina Inoue on the Drama DC, Shizuka Itō in the Japanese Anime, and Anastasia Munoz in the English Anime.


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