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The Korosensei is an anime character that features in Assassination Classroom.



Classroom teacher.

Korosensei (殺せんせー Koro-sense) was a male human that lived on Earth in the modern day. Originally human, as a child he was born in the most vile and corrupt slims of an unknown country. During his early life, he lived in an environment where people easily betrayed one another leading to the child feeling that he could only ever trust himself. By adulthood, he decided to become an assassin with him going through many hardships till he became the master assassin known as the God of Death. During his career, he had left a large number of corpses in his wake which showcased his talents. Such was his representation that he became notorious for breaking through even the strictest of security teams in order to assassinate his target which he did without any problem. One of his missions involved the assassination of a wealthy businessman who was the father of a young boy. The child witnessed the death of his father and became enamored with the skill and beauty of the kill made by the assassin. He later went out to find the God of Death and requested that he be trained by him as an apprentice. The God of Death was eager for the assassination opportunities afforded by an apprentice and accepted where he began to train the boy. In time, he taught the young assassin everything he knew of the art of killing whilst instilling respect and fear in him along with letting the boy know of the difference in power between them. Together, the two worked well with them completing several missions that were a success. However, the apprentice turned on his master where he ensured that the God of Death was captured during an escape from a prison facility. The apprentice had abandoned his master to fuel his own ego and took his title by becoming the new God of Death. Meanwhile, the former title holder was captured and taken to a secret research laboratory that was run by Kotarō Yanagisawa. Yanagisawa had sought a test subject in his research to create large amounts of anti-matter by having it grown within human cells. Thus, the master assassin was chosen as the test subject for these excruciating experiments.

To avoid mass panic, the public existence of the creature was not to the world in order to prevent a mass panic.


Personality and attributes


Due to his harsh upbringing, he had initially learnt that people betrayed one another easily leading to him believing that the only person he could trust was himself. Despite that, he did take on an apprentice but he instilled fear, respect and ensured his disciple knew of the power difference between them. Whilst he had kept a close eye on his apprentice, the master assassin was still surprised when his student had arranged for his capture.

He stated that he did not have a name that he could share and instead offered his students to name him. Kaede Kayano decided to use the word 'korosensai' (殺せない) that meant 'unkillable' and merged it with the word sensei (先生) which meant 'teacher' thus making 'Korosensei'.

Such was his anger that he stated that whilst he was bound by the terms of the agreement of not harming the students - he was not above harming their family, friends and loved ones should they cross a line.

Powers and abilities

He was capable of incredible speed and was said to be able to reach Mach 20 with no difficulty. This allowed him to rapidly respond to attacks with ease and fly to other destinations such as countries quickly. Korosensei's speed was such that he could make such journeys and return in a short span of time. An example was when during break at class he went for a meal in China and returned back to his students within a short span of time.

According to him, he was able to shed his skin that he did so once a year with this appearing as a mucous membrane that could be used to protect someone from explosions.



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