Georgi Koskov

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General Koskov.

Described as a top KGB mastermind, General Georgi Koskov was first encountered by James Bond in Bratislava. He and Saunders helped the seemingly timid Koskov defect from the Soviet Union to England, but Koskov was more than he seemed. In reality, he was a puppet for psychotic American arms dealer Brad Whitaker, and his defection was phony. Koskov's job was to feed British Intelligence false information regarding his rival and Whitaker's main hurdle, Leonid Pushkin and his involvement in the Smiert Spionam program. Koskov was then "kidnapped" by Necros, and returned to Whitaker's base in Tangiers.

Afterwards he was sent by Whitaker to Afghanistan, under the guise of a secret mission for the Soviet Union, where he and Necros, using troops provided by Koskov's loyal lifelong friend Colonel Feyador, were to initiate a major opium deal with the Mujahadin, Afghani drug lords; a deal which would bring Whitaker billions. Naturally, James Bond got wise to their antics and threw a wrench into the gears. Following Whitaker's downfall and untimely demise, Koskov was taken into custody by General Pushkin as a defector, and went to jail.

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