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The Krogans are an alien race that feature in Mass Effect.



The Krogan were a reptilian species native to the planet Tuchanka where their society was noted for being rich in its cultural, architectural and artistic accomplishments. When their civilization reached an industrial age, their civilization suffered from a large population explosion a their birth rate grew despite the harsh nature of their home plant. Their development of technology made the challenges on Turchanka easier leading to them engaging in warfare with one another over dwindling resources. Around four thousand years ago, the krogan went through their nuclear age with battles being waged over small regions of land capable of sustaining life with this escalating into full global warfare. The height of this war saw weapons of mass destruction being deployed that turned Tuchanka into a radioactive wasteland and turning their society back into primitive warring clans that struggled to survive the nuclear winter that they had created on their homeworld. The krogan were reduced to primitive, warring clans. Two thousand years later, the salarians "culturally uplifted" the krogan by giving them advanced technology and transplanting them to a new (and non-radioactive) world. This was in an effort to use the krogan as soldiers to combat the rachni, who were winning a war against the Council at the time. Within two krogan generations, the krogan had the numbers to not only defeat the rachni for the Council, but also push them back to their home world and commit genocide on the species.

However, the salarians' gamble backfired when the krogan population, uncontrolled by natural predators or harsh environments, exploded. Facing a population crisis, the krogan extended their dominion to other planets. As a result the previous inhabitants were forced to leave. These so-called Krogan Rebellions continued for nearly three centuries, and it seemed that despite massive casualties, the krogan birth-rate would allow them to prevail. The Council reacted by turning to the recently encountered Turian Hierarchy for aid. The turians unleashed the genophage on the krogan, a biological weapon which caused near-total infant krogan mortality. This forced the krogan to accept the turian terms of surrender.

Around this time, a parallel research program was being conducted by a rogue krogan scientist named Okeer. He intended to breed the perfect krogan specimen rather than find a cure for the genophage as he believed the disease culled the weak leaving only the strong to survive. Through the Collectors, he managed to acquire the needed equipment for his experiment.


Due to a biological weapon unleashed on them called the genophage, only 1 in 1000 krogan births are successful. As a result, the krogan are quite possibly a dying species, and due to this horribly slow countdown to extinction, many krogan have become very self-centered. The large shoulder humps on a krogan individual store fluids and nutrients, which enables them to go for long periods without food or water. Krogan also posses multiple instances of major organs, in which secondary organs serve as backups should a main organ be damaged. Krogan have four testicles which reside in three distinct sacks, one primary and two secondary. A krogan individual posses a thick hide, which is extremely hardy and very resistant to cuts, scrapes, and contusions. Krogan are also highly resistant to radiation, poisons, and extreme temperatures. Biotic individuals are rare, though those who do possess the talent are typically quite strong in their abilities.

One of the defining traits of the Krogan was their great strength.

As they grew into adulthood, young juvenile Krogan faced increased aggression and desire to kill. This was actually a common factor amongst the species that required them to take part in the Rite of Passage that heralded them into adulthood. Krogan shamans administered over the process of aiding young Krogan into becoming adults. The process involved fighting numerous beasts on the Krogan homeworld of Tuchanka.

There were numerous rituals within krogan culture with the first being the birth of a newborn where they conducted the Rite of Life. As the child waged, they would eventually go through the Rite of Passage where they were allowed to have their krantt as proof of their leadership. Should they be considered for breeding, the prospective krogan were required to take part in the Rite of Honor. When the krogan faced a new enemy, the Rite of Firsts was invoked prior to battle. For positions of leadership, even more rites were conducted for those that became clan leaders or shamans. All of these rites and traditions were maintained by the clan's shaman who went through lengthy along with torturous rites being made where the individual gave up their name.

Among the krogan, there was the existence of a krantt that was the name given to the warrior's most trusted allies consisting of those that were willing to kill in his name and honor. They were often called upon during rites and politics where they acted as the krogan's representative or even as a proxy. A krantt was seen as proof of power as they demonstrated that the krogan's will inspired loyalty in others to the point that they acted in their name. Those members of a krantt were not servants but acted more like bodyguards or lieutenants.

They were divided into a number of clans each of which were led by a clan leader. Each of these possessed their own customs, rites of passage, rules of behavior and battle songs all of which were unique. It was believed by their kind that this diversity made their race strong and powerful as no clan alone was capable of surviving by itself. Those krogan who were clanless were typically not respected and even killed on their homeworld. Even more disdain were given to those who were tank bred.

These clans included:

  • Clan Urdnot :
  • Clan Weyrloc : one of the clans of Tuchanka whose leader became the founder of the Blood Pack mercenary group.
  • Clan Kredak :
  • Clan Moro :
  • Clan Shiagur :
  • Clan Terg :
  • Clan Wrend :
  • Clan Veeoll :


  • Wrex
  • Grunt :


  • Mass Effect Associate Art Director Matt Rhodes has stated that the facial appearance of the krogan was inspired by bats.[1]


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