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Kroton was a cybernetic character that featured in an episode of Andromeda.


Kroton was infamous among the Known Worlds as the "Great Engineer" who was half-human and half-android. He was the rumoured creator of the Magog Worldship and was stated to have been one of the many servants of the Spirit of the Abyss. He was also known to have been the source of many other technical problems that affected several planets such as making the androids go berserk for over the past 400 years.

Dylan Hunt and the crew of the Andromeda were trapped in orbit of a planet by a gravity field generator where they discovered Kroton and his lair. They quickly learnt from the many waves of attackers that Kroton had created android duplicates of himself. After damaging his operations on the planet, the crew fled only to discover that the planet itself was hollow and was encasing a newly developed Worldship that was ready to join the Spirit of the Abyss's forces.

In order to prevent this, Dylan Hunt opened numerous slip portals at the same time as Kroton. This gave him a choice out of five portals only one of which was safe with the others leading to his destruction. Kroton sent his worldship in only to discover it was the wrong one. The worldship was destroyed but Kroton escaped in a smaller ship whereupon he entered the correct portal in order to join the Abyss.

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