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Kosh Kurp was an explosives expert who worked for the Galactic Empire. He was a tall, muscular man with blue skin (possibly he was a Chiss) wearing special blast-dampening red armor. As a boy, Kurp's village had been attacked by a criminal named Sonopo Bomoor, who killed Kurp's entire family and friends but left him alive as a testament to his greatness. During the early years of the Empire's reign, Kurp was sent by the Empire to investigate rumors of a bomb in the home of Gaar Suppoon, during Jabba the Hutt's visit to Suppoon.

Kurp found no bomb, little suspecting that not only was he the bomb but that Suppoon was actually Bomoor (and likewise, Suppoon had no idea who Kurp was). Jabba the Hutt know who both were, and introduced them to one another. Jabba's "bomb" was set off when Kurp turned on Suppoon and was able to kill him when a blaster shot deflected off his armor and hit Suppoon in the head, ending his life. As thanks for helping him get rid of Suppoon, Jabba awarded the late crime lord's entire empire and holdings to Kurp.

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