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The Lamia is a demon that features in the movie Drag Me To Hell.



The Lamia, also known as the Black Goat, was a demonic entity that lived in the world. It was an ancient and powerful demon that was called upon by sorcerers, witches or gypsies. They typically summoned the creature as an act of revenge against those that had wronged them and were brought into the world through powerful curses. Once the curse was set, the Lamia began to haunt their victim for three days and nights until they created a portal to Hell where they dragged their target into the fiery pit in order to suffer an endless series of torments at the hands of the evil dead. A known encounter with the Lamia was in 1969 when a young boy called Juan became the victim of the curse. He became a target of the demon when he had stolen a silver necklace from the back of a Gypsy wagon. Despite attempting to return it, the Gypsy refused and allowed the demon to torment his prey. The desperate parents sought out the powerful medium Shaun san Dena in the hopes that she could perform an exorcism to save his soul. Despite her attempts, she failed to stop the Lamia who simply overpowered the medium and attacked her along with her guests. In fear, Juan panicked and fled where he fell off the staircase to the floor below whereupon he fell into a portal to hell that had been created by the demon. Thus, the terrified boy was left screaming he was dragged by the Lamia for an eternity of torment and left the medium horrified at his fate. This left Shaun to become dedicated into preparing for the day to battle the Lamia once again and defeating it.


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