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Lanancuras is a villain that features in the anime Shinzo.



Lanancuras was the Guardian of the Milky Way a long time ago who started to harbor desires for power and decided to invade worlds that he was assigned originally to protect. After conquering the worlds of the galaxy he was bound to, Lanancuras was able to absorb parts of the planet itself to increase his own strength. From the many planets he conquered came a cadre of alien creatures that pledged their allegiance to him and followed in his footsteps. These warriors of Lanancuras were given the name of Kadrians.

By the time the other Celestial Guardians intervened, Lanancuras had become too powerful for them to fight alone. In order to combat this threat, each of the many Guardians combined a part of their power into a new Guardian being known as Mushra who possessed a card capable of sealing Lanancuras away in a prison mae of the remains of planets that he had destroyed. Trapped in a meteorite, Lanancuras was banished to the depths of space; seemingly forever. He would remain imprisoned until the 22nd century when his rocky prison crashed on Earth and was freed by his followers.


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