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Landau, Luckman, and Lake is a company that features in Marvel Comics.




An Overboss had access to a killswitch that could shut down the company's forces placing them in a sleep state. (Deadpool v1 #31) One position within the company was that of the expediter held by the person who handled the accounts. (Wolverine v2 #5) Employees that terminated their own contracts had only a short amount of time before their security clearance was rescinded preventing further use of the company's facilities. (Deadpool v1 #31)

It was against the rules for members to have their own futures told to them. (Deadpool v1 #-1)

It was a far flung enterprise with offices in the most unexpectedly surprising locales. (Wolverine v2 #5) The company was an influential clandestine syndicate that could buy and sell an entire solar system in a short amount of time. (Deadpool v1 #31)

The Fleshwerks was a section that was a place where the genetically gifted and encouraged to explore as well exploit their gifts through any means necessary. (Deadpool v1 #-1)


  • Chang : an elderly male that was stationed at Madripoor who dealt with Logan's finances. (Wolverine v2 #5)
  • Zoe Culloden :
  • Montgomery Burns : a male member assigned at the Fleshwerks where he was a precognitive that could discern future events. (Deadpool v1 #-1)


  • Landau, Luckman, and Lake was created by Chris Claremont and John Buscema where they made their first appearance in Wolverine v2 #5 (March 1989).
  • It was named after the owners of the Forbidden Planet store namely Mike Lake, Nick Landau and Mike Luckman.[1]


  • Wolverine v1:
  • Deadpool v1:

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