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Larry Markson is a male character who features in Spriggan.



Larry Markson (ラリー・マーカスン Rarii Makusun)

Nothing much is known with Larry Markson, with the exception that he was responsible for founding Trident Corporation after NATO had declared the former R&D division as a rogue organization. Thanks to him, he was able to get funding from the major corporations including Clovers Heavy Industries, Campbell Company and Takasumi Zaibatsu. One of his major goals was to kidnap a young Jean Jacquemonde and extract some of his cells for Trident's covert genetic engineering research as part of their biological weapons program. He had played a role that resulted in the death of Maria and Mark Felton, Jean's mother and younger brother. Jean swore revenge after Tea Flatte assisted him in breaking out of the Forces Armees Francaises research facility in France.

Larry went to Romania in a Trident-led operation with platoons of Trident soldiers, accompanied by Iwao Akatsuki and Dary Graham in order to confront the Spriggans that were assembling there. With them was Jean's estanged father, Rick Bordeau.[4] Though Trident forces were defeated by Spriggans with one killed by Dary's vampiric powers, Larry seemed satisfied that the Spriggans were driven off for now. As the series progressed, he gained the cooperation of ARCAM President Henry Garnum in securing relics from the South Pole, including the ability to use the South Pole Shrine.[5] He had the initial cooperation from ARCAM personnel from the likes of Rie Yamabishi to Eva McMahon in their excavation. Unfortunately, Iwao Akatsuki came to the area and had Yu Ominae and Jean Jacquemonde to help him after he defected from the Trident Corporation, forcing him to send COSMOS to execute him for betraying the company. As the trio foiled the attempts of Larry to unleash the Fire Snake, he tried to escape in a helicopter. Bad thing for him was that Iwao cornered him and punched him in the face.


Personality and attributes

Larry is a shrewd man, who would use anything to gain an advantage over his enemies. At one point, he had thought of using Bowman and Rick Bordeau to fight against Yu Ominae and Jean Jacquemonde as the two had prior relationships before they became Spriggan operatives.[6] Though his plans failed, Larry still keeps on using more leverages to give him an advantage, such as gaining an alliance with Henry Garnum and to use Rie Yamabishi, Mayzel and other ARCAM personnel who are suspicious of the alliance in order to keep them in line.

His very presence is enough for Jean Jacquemonde to punch him at one point.

Powers and abilities

Larry is an influential figure in Trident Corporation, allowing him to gain access to assets in various national militaries to claim out-of-place artifacts for military purposes.


  • Larry Markson was created by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryōji Minagawa where he featured in the Spriggan universe.


  • Spriggan:

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