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Copperhead is a name shared by a pulp hero and three villains from the Marvel Universe.


Copperhead (Lawrence Chesney)

An art restorer, Lawrence Chesney was raised on his insane father's claims of being the pulp hero Copperhead and being cheated out of money by those who published tales of his "exploits." (In reality, he was merely the model used to create the Copperhead artwork.) When the Copperhead stories were due to be reprinted in paperback form, Chesney chose to avenge his father, killing ' Copperhead 's "false" creators Walter Krantz and Milton Wexler. He then began killing small-time criminals, leaving pennies on their eyes in imitation of the fictional character. As he attempted to kill Martin Foster, the would-be reprinter of the Copperhead stories, he was confronted by Daredevil. When their battle took them to Chesney's father's grave during a storm, Copperhead's copper armor attracted a lightning bolt, killing him instantly.

Later, resurrected by a demon, Copperhead allied with the Gang of Four and the Owl to claim the soul of Daredevil. With Spider-Man's aid, Daredevil defeated Copperhead, and he and the Gang of Four were sucked into a hell dimension.


Copperhead originally clad himself in copper-based, bulletproof armor that slightly increased his strength. He also carried pistols equipped with venom and tranquilizer darts. After being raised from the dead, he possessed vast demonic powers.

Copperhead (Pulp Hero)

A pulp hero created by Walter Krantz and Milton Wexler. Alias Richard Crandall, he was a socialite until he was scarred by acid. Crandall created the identity of Copperhead, battling and occasionally slaying criminals in self-defense, leaving pennies on their eyes afterward as his motif. The Copperhead stories were due for reprinting by publisher Martin Foster; it is unknown if his near-murder by a real-life Copperhead stopped these plans.

Copperhead (Arthur Reynolds)

An art restorer and co-worker of Lawrence Chesney who discovered a spare Copperhead suit. Feeling cheated by younger co-workers, he adopted the identity for his own in a plan to steal a rare urn. He was defeated by the Human Fly and the White Tiger.

Copperhead (IV)

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