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The League of Free Worlds are an interstellar Human government that features in the game Colony Wars.


The League of Free Worlds was formed after a wave of oppression was made by the Tzar of the Earth Empire. The Tzar believed the outer colony systems to be little more then peasant scum and stated that all the resources of the colony worlds would be devoted to Sol. This caused entire systems to eventually enter open revolt against this tyranny and alienated many of the Empire's most loyal as well as experienced outer-system Naval officers who quickly defected to a growing faction of insurgents that formed the League Of Free Worlds. At first, a minor political annoyance to the Empire, the League eventually became a dangerous military threat to the Earth Empire's rule. The Tzar lacked experienced officers at this point and dispatched a young and arrogant admiral to deal with this threat which sparked the First Colony War.

The leadere of the League, known only as the Father, had a large fleet of League vessels growing and amassing in the Gallonigher System. Despite commanding obselete vessels and small warships, the League was capable of ambushing the inexperienced officers of the Earth Empire Colonial Navy and led them into traps which brought about the obliteration of entire task forces with little losses suffered by the League. The Battle of Benay served as a rallying call for those who wanted to be free of the Empire oppression and brought about a civil war between the League rebels and the Colonial loyalists. The League of Free Worlds would begin a slow push towards the Sol System in order to end the tyranny of Earth and its Tzar.

The League would eventually enter the Sol System itself but the Colonial Navy was successful in forcing the rebel out of the home system. However, in the League's retreat, they destroyed the free orbiting space platform that tethered the wormholes of each system which trapped the Earth Empire and its Navy within its home system. The League would last hear of civil war breaking between the Empire and Navy factions leaving the system sterile for years to come. The League would depart and attempt to live in peace.

Years later, the Colonial Navy would gain a new leader known as Kron who united the factions and ended the civil war of the 5th millennium. Using its power, the Navy united enough of the Earth popoulation to become a military power once again and embarked on a campaign of retribution against the League. War would wage for sometime due to fear and both factions would come under attack from a mysterious unknown alien race. At this same time, Kron would continue his vendetta against the League and a Navy pilot learnt that the [{Second Colony War]] was the actions of Kron himself who was previously in the League but his bloodlust resulted in them abandoning him in Sol. Kron would be killed by the Navy pilot and peace would settle between the two factions.


The League of Free Worlds was led by a charismatic leader known only as The Father. In the First Colony War, the League relied more on guerilla warfare and a cadre of highly trained officers to fight their battles which helped turn the tide against their enemies. Notable organizations included the League High Command which held all of its top commanders as well as being the only people who met with the Father. There was also the League Police who assigned contracts to mercenaries which ranged from protection missions to eliminating pirates.

Among its military might, the League made use of powerful anti-ship cannons that were built around asteroids which were capable of destroying a shielded capital ship with a single shot. They were also capable of placing detonation grids around a star system which were able to destroy an entire system. In ground campaigns, they would also deploy large mechanical spider machines to overwhelm the defenses of the enemy.

The typical color pattern of League assets was green with warships and vehicles decorated in the colour.


By the time of the Red Sun incident, the League Intelligence Service had developed nanotechnology to the point that they could use nanospys placed on their operatives allowing them to see whatever the agent saw.

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