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The Legion ex Machina was created by Dr. Roland Poindexter. After his perceived failure in creating a working robot for the government, he left the BGY-11 Project. Striking out on his own, he aimed to create the perfect artificially intelligent robots. He succeeded only too well. Poindexter created seven humanoid robots, who shortly turned on him and placed him in stasis. These robots became known as the Legion ex Machina. Over time, they worked towards the goal of conquering the world and making humans subject to machines.

Number Six was placed as their mole in Quark Industries, under the identity of a scientist named Dr. Gilder. They soon announced themselves by having Number Six steal nucleo proton power-packs from Quark, using them to power ARG-12 (Argo). Argo was sent to recruit the Big Guy to their cause, and if he refused, to destroy him. Argo was destroyed by Rusty. Number Six later revealed himself when he attempted to murder Quark’s CEO, Dr. Axel Donovan. His body was destroyed in the process, and his head exploded before they were able to download all his information on the Legion ex Machina.

The Legion completed construction on ARG-12000 (a four hundred foot Argo), and sent it to steal New Tronic City's Micro-Fusion Generator. With the generator, they could speed up their operations and build an army of ARG-12000 units. The robot was destroyed by the Big Guy and Rusty before it could deliver the generator to the Legion. The Legion later hired the Chopshoppers to steal technology from Quark and were again thwarted. In the process, Number Five was destroyed.

Later on, Rusty was captured and his mind was uploaded into the Legion’s computer network. Rusty managed to escape into the Internet, and was pursued by Number Four, who was defeated. The Legion spent a bit of time re-uploading Number Four’s programming. Later on, Number Four and Rusty exchanged characteristics when they engaged in a mental tug-of-war. Number Four began to play computer games, while Rusty built the Legion’s Project Nova for them. Number Four was captured in the subsequent battle against Project Nova. Number Four’s head was later destroyed when he attempted to destroy New Tronic City.

When Quark Industries released Home Version Rusty, the Legion took control of all of them and fueled them with nucleo protons to destroy New Tronic City. Once the city was destroyed, they could build Robotopia atop the remains. They were again thwarted. The Legion soon acquired the original design specs for the BGY-11, and built a new operative known as the X-11 to replace the Big Guy. In the process they learned that Big Guy was not really a robot, and attempted to wipe out everyone who knew the secret. The real Big Guy destroyed the X-11, and the Legion quickly enacted their backup plan.

They sent a humanoid robot of the Big Guy’s pilot (Lieutenant Dwayne Hunter) to capture the real Dwayne Hunter and send him to the Legion’s headquarters. He was also intended to wipe out the Big Guy’s Pit Crew and the BGY Commission. The plan failed, but they did acquire Dwayne as their captive. The Legion revealed to him who they were, and their origins, including that they had Dr. Poindexter in stasis. They prepared to put Dwayne in stasis as well. Dwayne was later rescued by Rusty, and after donning the Big Guy armor, they proceeded to defeat Number Three and Number Two. However, they were trapped by Number One. A freed Poindexter destroyed Number One, and freed the Big Guy and Rusty. Poindexter also revealed that he had created seven members of the Legion.

The identity and whereabouts of Number 7 are unknown.


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