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Leonardo Watch is a male character who features in Blood Blockade Battlefront.



Leonardo Watch (レオナルド・ウォッチ, Reonarudo Wocchi)

At some point, his sister Michella came to lose the use of her legs thus confining her to a wheelchair. The family later decided to journey to Hellsalem's Lot to see if there was a means of restoring her legs. It was then that the family was confronted by a Beyondian known as Riga El Menuhyut (リガ=エル=メヌヒュト Riga Eru Menuhyuto?) who was the Ophthalmology Engineer for Beings of Higher Existence. The being forced the siblings to make a choice on who would be forced to sacrifice their eyes with Michella volunteering herself. This led to her losing her eyesight and going blind whilst Leo's eyes were replaced with the All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods that were able to see the intricacies of the world around them and had been given to people across history to witness historic events.


Personalities and attributes

According to Michella, Leonardo never backed down and did not know how to turn his back against an enemy. She compared this to how a tortoise was unable to walk backwards which was why she tended to lovingly call him her Tortoise Knight.

Powers and abilities

After his encounter with the entity Riga El Menuhyut, he was forcibly implanted with new eyes that were known as the All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods (神々の義眼 Kamigami no Gigan?). These afforded him heightened visual senses whereby he was able to see movements that were impossible for the human eye and even see minute details with clarity. The greatest feature of the All-Seeing Eyes was their ability to see 'the Truth' around them whereby they could see past world altering illusions and perceive the unique aura of an individual.

Watch could not use the Eyes for extended period of times as prolonged use of its powers cause it to overheat and literally boil in his eye socket thus leaving him in incredible pain. A feature of the eyes was that they healed themselves whenever they suffered any sustained damage.


  • Leonardo Watch was created by Yasuhiro Nightow where he featured in the setting of the Blood Blockade Battlefront universe.


  • Blood Blockade Battlefront:

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