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The Leviathan are a type of bioship and space dwelling organism that features in Farscape.



Leviathans were regularly used as transports by the Peacekeepers and even prison ships used to move their cargo of captives from different sites. In order to ensure loyalty, these Leviathans were often fitted with a control collar in order to restrict their actions and independence. (Episode: Premiere) There was once a tale of an adult male Leviathan who once touched down on the surface of a planet though none knew whether this was true or not. (Episode: I, ET)


These large creatures were often described as being a biomechanoid vessel that was effectively a living ship. (Episode: Premiere) They were distinctively divided into two genders namely male and female. (Episode: I, ET) When they were young, Levithans were well known to with a planets gravity in order to see how far they could come to the surface. (Episode: I, ET)

Typically, a Leviathan entered into a symbiotic union with a species known as Pilots who sat in a fixed state in a central hub onboard the vessel. Despite this being the case, it was possible to cede manual control to any crew of the ship. (Episode: Premiere) Furthermore, these living vessels were known to also rely on crewmembers in a mutual symbiotic relationship. (Episode: Exodus from Genesis) At the pilot's den, there was an empty cavern where the DRDs to deposit construction and repair refuse. Some of these levels contained panoplies harmless parasites many of which offered symbiotic functions. Among these included Hodian trillbat swarms that left extensive droppings with their effluvium spreading across the inner hull and helped seal microscopic inner cracks. (Episode: Revenging Angel)

An important control circuit was necessary for the maintenance of the ships systems which consisted of a synaptic processor which were considered attractice objects to other races. This was because the circuit consisted of trillions of silicone neurons suspended in a semi-organic crystalline matrix that resembled a hand sized reddish crystal. (Episode: Throne for a Loss) The primary neural cluster was an extremely sensitive region on the vessel with any damage even simple cuttings of the area leading to intolerable pain. Constant damage to the region was even able to bring about the death of the Leviathan. Furthermore, whilst it was believed that there was no such thing as an anesthetic for a Leviathan - in fact, Clorium was one of the 6 forbidden cargoes that the creatures were unable to transport as the element numbed their senses. (Episode: I, ET)

Several civilizations such as the Peacekeepers were known to outfit Leviathans with a control collar in order to restrict their independence and actions. (Episode: Premiere) In addition, some were known to be equipped with a paddac beacon which broadcasted constantly until it received a regular signal from the control collar and was normally located by the primary neural cluster. This ensured that if the control collar was ever removed, the beacon would activate and alert the nearest Peacekeeper patrol. To accomplish this feat, the signal was radiated through the hull of the Levithan itself which was used as a maximizer. This prevented any form of insulation from being used to stop the broadcast though it was possible to "muffle" it by submerging the Leviathan in water. (Episode: I, ET)

The single defensive maneveur that Leviathans were capable of accomplishing was Starburst but once made, it could not be re-initiated until it had restored their energy reserves. Part of the system used to fuel the process was a substance called iriscentent fluid and damaging certain consoles did lead to the ship hemorrhaging the liquid which reduced a Levithans speed to barely hetch 2. (Episode: Premiere)

They made use of a docking web in order to capture ships and deposit them within their hanger bay. (Episode: Throne for a Loss)

Known Leviathans

  • Moya :
  • Talyn :


  • Farscape: "Revenging Angel"

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