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Liber8 is an organization that features in Continuum.



Liber8 was a terrorist organization whose origins were traced to the early part of the 21st century. In the modern day, there was a young man named Julian Randol who developed a radical philosophy that espoused opposition to the growing power of the corporations. This group's anti-corporate activities led to them being designated as terrorists, anarchists, revolutionaries, freedom fighters and even as a gang by 2012. In time, Randol grew up and became the mentor to Edouard Kagame who he taught everything he knew prior to the formation of Liber8. Julian henceforth became known as "Thesus" who was a teacher that inspired the rise of their organization. Under his leadership, they were responsible for terrorist attacks against the growing corporate power since the 2030's. In 2057, the mega-corporations bailed out the failing national governments and thus officially took over the world as the formed the Global Corporate Congress. A series of open rebellions were formed against the corporations in the early 2060's with mass street protests and urban warfare. By 2065, the tide was turned and the insurrections were crushed by the corporate forces. Despite this being the case, Liber8 was not destroyed but instead switched its tactics to guerrilla warfare and large scale terrorist strikes rather than conventional combat of trying to take and hold cities. Liber8 then developed to respond to the totalitarian rule of the Corporate Congress where they espoused freedom and a return to democratic principles that had been nearly erased by 2077.


In time, the organization began to adopt more violent means of achieving its goals and a general lack of respect of human life. They were not above killing civilians or engaging in terrorist activities in order to achieve their goals.


  • Julian Randol : a male human who in 2013 was a teenager that engaged in activist activities that led to the rise of Liber8 with himself being called Theseus.



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