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Liquid Snake is a male video game character who features in Metal Gear Solid.



Liquid Snake (Japanese: リキッド・スネーク Hepburn: Rikiddo Sunēku)

Several decades ago, the United States government initiated the Les Enfants Terrible project in an effort to clone the greatest warrior of the 20th century, Big Boss. Three clone children were produced: Solid Snake, Solidus Snake, and Liquid Snake. Liquid Snake was the one who inherited all of Big Boss's dominant genes, and Solid inherited the recessive genes. However, Liquid was lied to, and led to believe that he received the recessive genes.

The U.S. gave Liquid to the British MI5, and under their supervision he developed his language skills and fighting skills. He became fluent in multiple languages, including Arabic, which proved useful to the British Government when the Gulf War broke out while Liquid was a teen. He was recruited by the SIS for espionage and sabotage activities, and sent into combat in Iraq. While on a routine mission to destroy SCUD missiles, Liquid was captured and brainwashed to be used for several terrorist purposes.

Eventually he returned to the United States, and joined FOX-HOUND after the fall of Zanzibar and the death of Big Boss at the hands of Solid Snake. Liquid grew to truly despise his brother for killing Big Boss before he had the chance to. He was also jealous, as he believed that Snake had the dominant genes, and grew bitter that the world was now beginning to shun the very existence of warriors such as them, for he reveled in war. Over time, Liquid was promoted and became the commander of FOX-HOUND. Later, FOX-HOUND was assigned a mission at Shadow Moses Island to protect the new Metal Gear REX, and at the provocation of his second-in-command, Revolver Ocelot, Liquid and FOX-HOUND revolted.

Liquid took control of the entire island, REX, and the island's stockpile of nuclear warheads. The only obstacle standing in Liquid's way was finding the two detonation codes needed to activate REX. He planned to fire the nuke, unless the United States turned over Big Boss's remains and one billion dollars. Ocelot was able to retrieve the code of President Baker of Armsteck. The only other way for them to activate Metal Gear was to swipe three key-cards through three terminals, and they only knew of one. By then, they had already known that Solid Snake would be arriving at Shadow Moses Island to stop Metal Gear, and Psycho Mantis proposed the idea of manipulating Snake into doing the work for them. Liquid agreed and had Snake's old drill instructor, Master Miller, murdered so he could impersonate Master over Codec communications and manipulate Snake more easily.

The plan was working- since Snake now believed that the terrorists had both codes and could launch any time, he'd try to find the three key-cards and deactivate it. Instead, he would be activating it. Liquid's plan worked very well, but before he could do anything he had to find out what it was that caused the heart attacks of two people. As Master Miller, he discovered that before Solid was sent in, the Army's Dr. Naomi Hunter had injected Snake with an experimental virus called FOX-DYE, designed to eventually kill Liquid and all the other members of FOX-HOUND. The only one of them who seemed to be unaffected by it was Ocelot- the rest of FOX-HOUND either died from it or were killed in battle with Snake. Liquid was not worried, since it had not killed Snake.

While manipulating Solid, Liquid finally laid out his plans. Once Metal Gear was activated, he'd launch a nuclear strike at China, framing the United States. This would result in top secret talks between the United States and China, where they would have to divulge the existance of Metal Gear. This would in turn destroy the reputation of the United States as well as the current President, George Sears. Once word got out, every nation would want to contact him to buy the technology used to create Metal Gear, and Liquid was prepared to establish his own country on Shadow Moses Island called Outer Heaven- a nation of warriors just as Big Boss had always dreamed.

Snake accidently activated Metal Gear, and Liquid boarded it, preparing to use it to kill Snake and launch the nuke on China. Snake was almost overwhelmed by it, but the self-sacrifice of his old friend Grey Fox turned the tide, giving Snake a chance to destroy Metal Gear. Liquid survived it's destruction, and battled Snake on the top of the remains, where he revealed to Snake the truth about their origin. Snake defeated Liquid, and knocked him off of Metal Gear's remains, where he seemingly fell to his death. He survived, and nearly killed Snake and Meryl Silverburgh, but he was overtaken by FOX-DYE and died.

However, that was not the end of Liquid Snake. Ocelot also escaped Shadow Moses Island with Metal Gear's data, though he had lost his right hand in the process. He contacted another one of his employers, President George Sears a.k.a. Solidus Snake, to inform him that all went according to plan. Solidus rewarded Ocelot by paying for an operation to give him a new arm- the right arm of Liquid Snake. Without anyone being the wiser, Liquid regained consciousness inside Ocelot, and spent his time watching and waiting. He learned all of Ocelot's secrets, and the existence of the third child, Solidus. He also learned that Ocelot was duping Solidus as well, and that Ocelot really served a shadowy organization known as the Patriots that secretly controlled America.

For two years, Liquid waited inside Ocelot, until he attacked an oil tanker carrying the Marines' new Metal Gear prototype, RAY. The Patriots manipulated events so that Snake would arrive to expose RAY, and it was later while stealing RAY that Liquid revealed himself to Snake, temporarilly assuming control of Ocelot. Once that was done, Ocelot destroyed the tanker and escaped with RAY. While inside Ocelot, Liquid discovered the Patriot's plan to create Metal Gear ARSENAL, to secure their hold over America once and for all. Liquid slipped the information to Snake, without the Patriots' knowledge, as Ocelot manipulated Solidus into planning to steal it. Solidus planned to use ARSENAL to explode a nuke over Wall Street, creating an electromagnetic pulse wiping out every computer in NY, which would in turn cause the New York Stock Market to crash and create a worldwide depression. Solidus would also gain a list of the twelve Patriots' names- the list was Liquid's true reason for being there.

On the verge of victory, Ocelot betrayed Solidus and again stole the new RAY prototype. Liquid chose this moment to finally take full control of Ocelot, and took RAY on his own mission to destroy the Patriots. Snake placed a tracer on RAY so he could find him later, and examined the list for himself, discovering that it was a fake. Liquid's current whereabouts are unknown.


  • Liquid Snake was created by Hideo Kojima and designed by Yoji Shinkawa where he featured in the Metal Gear Solid universe.


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