Liquidator (Darkwing Duck)

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Bud Flood.

Master of all liquids (or so he claims), the Liquidator was once bottled water magnate Bud Flood. During a heatwave in St. Canard, Flood contaminated the water of competing drinks, leaving only his own brand (Sparkling Crystal Pure Flood Water) and Koo Koo Fizzy Water. When Flood was caught in the act by Darkwing Duck he took a tumble into one of the tainted vats and seemed to melt away and die. However, the volatile chemicals Flood had used instead altered his molecular structure, transforming him into a being made entirely of living water.

Now rather deranged, the Liquidator blamed Darkwing for throwing him into the vat. Since he could now control all liquids, he turned all the water in St. Canard into a rubbery substance, and now had an absolute stranglehold on the water business in the city. Darkwing was able to defeat the Liquidator by pouring powdered cement on him, restoring the city's water to normal.

After escaping (how is a mystery), the Liquidator joined Negaduck's Fearsome Five, taking over St. Canard until they were defeated by the Justice Ducks. The Liquidator remained with that team thereafter in their various schemes.


A kinder, gentler version of the Liquidator was part of the Friendly Four in the Negaverse.

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