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Lucfier's Children are a group that feature in Top Cow Comics.


Lucifer's Children were a insidious hell cult that worshipped Satan and waited for the time when the Anti-Christ would be born which they believed would be amongst their ranks. In the modern age, the Vatican decided to dispatch the latest Magdalena, Patience to eliminate the cult. This was after two Garduna knights were killed whilst tracking down the cult. Thus, Patience was dispatched with her mentor Kristof where they departed Ukraine for France. Their, they managed to infiltrate the catacombs used by the cult in Paris where they encountered the Anti-Christ, a boy named Anton. However, Patience did not kill the boy leading to a demon in the ranks of Lucifer's Children knocking the Vatican agents unconscious. Afterwards, they were intended to be sacrificed as part of the ascension ritual for the Anti-Christ but Patience managed to escape and free her mentor with the pair attacking Lucifer's Children. After eliminating the demon, they attempted to take Anton away only for the Anti-Christs father; Lucifer himself to emerge in the cult's underground base.

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