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Maax, the high priest of the evil god R, practiced cruel human sacrifices, primarily innocent children. He was exiled from Arruk by King Zed for this. Throwing in his lot with the Jun Horde, Maax arranged for one of his witchwomen to get revenge on Zed by stealing and sacrificing the king's unborn son. Then, with the Juns' help, Maax conquered Arruk and imprisoned Zed. He ruled Arruk cruelly for the next several years until Zed's son, Dar, came to avenge the destruction of his adopted village by the Jun Horde.

Maax and his witchwomen made several attempts to kill Dar, but they all failed, and ultimately the evil priest was killed when first he was stabbed by Dar with his own sacrificial dagger, and then tumbled into the sacrificial fire pit when one of the Beastmaster's ferrets jumped on him and bit his neck.

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