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Beatrix Kiddo, alias the Bride.

Beatrix Kiddo became the deadliest woman in the world. At an unknown point she met and fell in love with the man called Bill joining his Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and becoming Bill's lover. Under Bill she learned the ways of the samurai sword and was trained in martial arts by Bill's old master; Pai Mei. As one of the DiVAS, Beatrix earned the codename: Black Mamba.

Her last mission for Bill was an assignment to fly to Los Angeles and assassinate Lisa Wong, but on the way, Beatrix was spotted and Wong sent an assassin of her own. While on the mission Beatrix discovered she was pregnant with Bill's child. After managing to talk the assassin sent for her (Karen Kim) out of the hit, she realized she had to be responsible for this child (which would be a daughter), and would not let Bill claim her and raise her to be an assassin.

Beatrix fled to El Paso, Texas, taking up the alias Arlene Machiavelli meeting and falling in love with a guy named Tommy Plympton, and working with him in his used record store. On the day of her wedding rehearsal, Bill tracked her down and while at first seemingly gave his blessing, he brought the other DiVAS to massacre everyone in the church. After being bludgeoned and beaten, Beatrix told Bill that the baby was his just before he shot her in the head. But Beatrix did not die.

For the next four years, Beatrix lay in a coma as a Jane Doe but she finally woke up remembering the massacre and taking up the name The Bride vowed vengeance on each of the DiVAS and Bill. She first travelled to Okinawa and striking up a friendship with an old mentor of Bill's, a swordsmith named Hattori Hanzo. He forged a sword for her, and Beatrix began her campaign, starting with O-Ren Ishii who had become the new ruler of Tokyo's underworld.

After dispatching O-Ren, Beatrix returned to the United States where she killed Green, Vernita, and travelled south to get Budd, but he managed to get the drop on her and buried her alive under the grave Paula Schultz. But remembering her mentoring with Pai Mei, she managed to escape from her tomb. Beatrix travelled back to kill Budd only to find him dead at the hand of her old rival, Elle Driver. The two battled, and Beatrix plucked Elle's other eye out leaving her blind in Budd's trailer.

Beatrix headed to Mexico, finally coming face to face with Bill, and much to her surprise her very much alive and well daughter B.B., whom Bill had been raising since her birth. Rather than fight, Bill intoduced B.B. to her, and as it turns out he told her nothing but good things about her Mommy. After putting B.B. to bed, Bill and Beatrix had their confrontation, as Bill forced her to admit why she ran away from him, and she realized that even she didn't believe her life in El Paso would work.

Beatrix and Bill crossed Hanzo Swords, in a short fight, which Beatrix almost lost when Bill knocked her sword from her hands. As Bill lunged for the kill, she caught his sword in her scabbard, then, while he was open, she ended the fight by performing on Bill the one move taught to her by Pai Mei that was not taught to Bill: the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. Bill and Beatrix exchanged last words, making peace- because in the end, despite everything, they did still love one another. Bill stood up and with dignity took his last five steps and met his death.

Afterwards Beatrix took B.B. and to begin a new life. In the end she was both happy and sad, for while her quest ended, it was truly bitter-sweet.

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