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Madame Web is a female character that features in Marvel Comics.



Madame Web in Amazing Spider-Man v1 #210.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities


  • Madame Web was created by Dennis O'Neil and John Romita, Jr. where she made her first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #210 (November 1980).

In other media


  • In Spider-Man, Madame Web made her first appearance in the 1994 animated series where she had a recurring role and was voiced by Joan Lee.

Video games

  • In Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Madame Web made an appearance in a supporting role where she was played by Susanne Blakeslee. She would be the one who informed Spider-Man of the Tablet of Order and Chaos where she would direct him along with three other dimensional counterparts of him in finding the various pieces within their respective universes in order to repair the damage made by Mysterio. Web would direct each of the Spider-Men in the use of their powers and used her own telepathic abilities to suppress Ultimate Spider-Man's Symbiote from overwhelming him. When Spider-Man returned to her, he found Madame Web captured by Mysterio who threatened her life unless he gave he the remaining fragments of the Tablet. After he was defeated, she would thank Spider-Man for saving the Tablet of Order and Chaos. In the credits, she was surprised by the sudden arrival of Spider-Ham who asked her "So, what'd I miss?".


  • The Amazing Spider-Man:

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