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The Mafia Ring Boxes are weapons that feature in Reborn!.



The boxes are as old as the mafia underworld itself and are shrouded in mystery. The ring boxes are simple boxes that contain powerful weapons. The boxes were created by three scientist who worked for a yet to be revealed secret organization.


The boxes are powered by the flame emitted by both mafia rings. The boxes powers are relative dependent on the users flame. The bigger the flame that is used to power the box the more powerful the weapon is, however a flames size can only give the box a fraction of its power. The true strength of the boxes is pulled from the flame's purity. As a flame become more and more pure the boxes power will increase exponentially. There were 343 different animal boxes. These boxes produce weapons that were based on animals, both real and legendary. Each box releases their respective animal which upon release was covered in the users flame and given abilities their real life counterparts do not possess.

Some users had modified their boxes from their original design such as the Stag Beetle. Theses weapons were improved in someway but since they were artificially modified they often have fatal weaknesses. These boxes were called "Unbalance Boxes".

There are two distinct types of boxes that were created. First, there is the original animal boxes that were created from four century old blueprints. Second, there was the new boxes that could produce any weapon that could be imagined.


  • Bear : A large bear with sharp extended claws covered in flame whose attribute was Cloud.


  • The Mafia Ring Boxes were created by Amano Akira where they featured in the setting of Reborn!.


  • Reborn!:

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