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Magmel is a place that features in Magmel of the Sea Blue.



Magmel was a mysterious continent that arose in the Pacific Ocean on Earth that was populated with dangerous animals and plants.


Plants that grew on the continent included:

  • Epona's Tears : a plant able to heal a person and improve on them but it only grew on a mountain of corpses fed to it whereupon it released its fruit.

Animals native to the land included:

  • Seven Colored Dove : an exotic bird that could cure a person of any disease but only after killing the dove and drinking its blood.

In addition, Magmel was home to an indigenous race of humanoids known as the Erins. These were mysterious beings who despite their human appearance were actually very different from mankind. In fact, it was said that there were 300 recorded types of Erin each of whom had different superhuman abilities. Some were able to grow into giants whilst others could generate electricity and some could stretch their limbs across great distances. It was noted that the Erins were highly intelligent with this being greater than human beings but that they ultimately desired peace and wanting to be left alone.


  • Inyou : a male Angler who often hired out his services to aid customers on the continent.


  • Magmel was created by Dainenbyo where it featured in the setting of Ultramarine Magmell.


  • Ultramarine Magmell:
  • Magmel of the Sea Blue:

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