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Mars is a male character who features in Black Clover.



Mars 「マルス Marusu」 was a young male who was an inhabitant of the Diamond Kingdom where he became an orphan. In time, he was chosen to become a test subject in the Kingdom's experiments to enhance a mage's magical power. During this time, he met a fellow participant in Fana who did not mind the trials as she believed they were done so for a good cause. Mars, Fana and the other children were then instructed by Fanzell Kruger who was a noted warrior in the Kingdom. In their time together, Mars and Fana formed a bond of friendship with one another as they promised to explore the world together once they completed the trials and were allowed to venture outside once again. However, the final part of the experiment involved all the child test subjects having to kill one another with only the last survivor being deemed the victor and thus allowed to become a magical warrior. As his classmates attacked one another, Fana herself even turned against Mars thus forcing him into a corner and forcing him to fight back. This caused him to land a lethal hit on her leading to Fana's death which filled Mars with a rage and remorse over his actions. Before she died, Fana stated that she attacked Mars so that he would be the only survivor of the trial as he had the most potential. She then used her magic to heal his wounds and asked him to explore the world on behalf of both of them. With the trial complete, the researchers then implanted mage stones into his body to increase his magical power and also looked to merge his grimoire with that of the deceased Fana's. This resulted in him possessing a patchwork grimoire giving him his own natural diamond abilities and the fire magic of Fana. Over time, he came to be capable mage who rose in the ranks of the Diamond Kingdom's military and even became of its elite Eight Shining Generals (八輝将 Hakki-shō).


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  • Mars was created by Yūki Tabata where he featured in the setting of Black Clover.


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