McGrath, General "Bloodbath"

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General "Bloodbath" McGrath

General McGrath was a former Confederate general, responsible for an attack on New Liberty, a settlement of freed slaves in Illinois, at the very end of the American Civil War. He earned the unfavorable nickname "Bloodbath" McGrath. During the war, he lost an ear- it was replaced by a small metal funnel similar to that of a phonograph.

He formed a militia-type group composed of former Confederates, and allied himself with Arliss Loveless (who had planned the attack on New Liberty), in his plans to gain revenge on President Ulysses S. Grant. However, Loveless betrayed him, slaying his men with a tank-like machine as a demonstration for foreign allies, and then shooting McGrath himself before leaving him for dead. Before he expired, McGrath told Jim West of Loveless' plans, and the good Doctor's involvement in the slaughter at New Liberty.

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