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Michael Roa Valdamjong is a male character that features in Tsukihime.



Michael Roa Valdamjong (ミハイル・ロア・バルダムヨォン Mihairu Roa Barudamuyōn)

Shiki Tohno (遠野 四季 Tōno Shiki) is Roa's 18th incarnation and can be considered "the real Shiki Tohno". This Shiki is not to be confused with Shiki Tohno (遠野 志貴 Tōno Shiki), the protagonist of Tsukihime; though both of them are named Shiki, the kanji in their names are different. For the purpose of distinction, the real Shiki Tohno (Roa's current host) is often referred to as "SHIKI." The real SHIKI Tohno was good friends with Shiki (an adopted member of the Tohno family from the Nanaya clan). SHIKI, however, went berserk after he lost control to his demonic blood, though Shiki initially believes it was because Roa took control of him at that moment. SHIKI nearly killed the adopted Shiki (who was defending Akiha), however Makihisa Tohno (SHIKI's father) forced the real SHIKI to the brink of death. He was then kept locked up in the Tohno Mansion's cellar for around eight years. Shiki's wounds nearly killed him, so Akiha gave him half her life, but, not completely dead himself, SHIKI used the Mystic Eyes that he gained from nearly dying and stole half of the borrowed life from Shiki, connecting the two Shikis, each possessing 1/4 a life, with Akiha having the other half.


Personality and attributes

He is nicknamed "The Serpent of Akasha" which refers to his reincarnation ability as Akasha is the source of all things in the Tsukihime universe and snakes are known for shedding their skin, symbolizing how he discards his host bodies. He is a vampire and ranked as a numberless Dead Apostle.

Roa was a high-ranking priest of the church who at one point held a major position within the Mage's Association but began to spy on the latter for the former, highlighting his long career of betrayal. He sought immortality and tricked Arcueid into drinking his blood, causing her to go berserk and wipe out almost all the True Ancestors. This action also turned Roa into one of the most powerful Dead Apostles. In fact, he had gotten to the point where he was so powerful he was strong enough to defeat even Altrouge Brunestud when she tried to "teach him a lesson" as her and the rest of the Dead Apostles saw him as an upstart.

His original body was finally defeated by a coalition composed of Arcueid and the Church's Burial Agency, and he has been re-incarnating ever since then. By the time of Tsukihime he had already re-incarnated seventeen times and had been destroyed by Arcueid each time as she seeks to gain her stolen power back, and perhaps to achieve some measure of revenge. Roa has two requirements for choosing the host of his next reincarnation: the host's family must have a high social standing so that he would be born into luxury, and a body with high magical potential and perhaps unique latent powers. His last host was Ciel, who was chosen in haste and thus was born into a bakery's family but in exchange had a body with an extremely high magical potential that was relatively close to that of his original form. In Tsukihime, Roa is responsible for the grisly vampire murders throughout the city.

Powers and abilities

The original Roa was an immensely skilled sorcerer, supposedly unmatched during his time, and, because of his reincarnation ability, he is considered the sorcerer closest to the root (Akasha). He specialized in Numerology, an art by which one could apply metaphysical mathematical principles onto spells. Such applications of this art could be seen in Square, a skill which multiplied the strength of his sorcery, and his Reality Marble, Overload, which automatically applied Square to all of his spells. His magic often revolves around electricity.

Roa in both routes has an ability similar to Shiki Tohno's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, having gained this ability after he was nearly killed by his father Makihisa Tohno. His eyes are significantly different from Shiki's, they lack the ability to destroy inanimate objects and is more akin to cutting the "life" of a person rather than the "death". Unlike Shiki's ability, if he cuts the 'lines', the person is not cut into pieces. Instead, the person is drained of 'life', falling to the ground an empty corpse. Roa considers it a weapon, and does not understand the true meaning of death, despite the fact that he has died seventeen times.

Roa's “soul” is automatically transferred to a new body each time his current one is destroyed, however, his "mind" had already expired by his first transfer. His original consciousness and personality had already fizzled away, however his memory, knowledge, and power still remained, and this memory and knowledge is expanded with each new lifetime. When he enters a new host, the host still has all of the personality traits they obtained throughout their lifetime, however, being flooded with Roa’s memories as if they had actually experienced them changes their original perceptions, causing Roa’s hosts to develop similar tastes to the original. Roa’s memories only appear gradually, so Arcueid is usually able to destroy his current body before he regains any significant magical knowledge: his appearance in Tsukihime is such a case.


Michael Roa Valdamjong appeared as a major antagonist in Tsukihime.


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