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Mon*star is a male cartoon villain who features in SilverHawks.




He came to be head of the Limbo Mob and operated as a local criminal kingpin in the galaxy of Limbo. Mon*star came to operate for over 300 years where he developed a fierce reputation.

He came to be imprisoned within Penal Planet 10 where he was kept in a sealed jail cell to prevent the light of the Moon-Star of Limbo from allowing him to transform.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

His true power only came when he was exposed to the red light of the Moon*Star of Limbo. This saw his transformation into a red-skinned metallic and cybernetic being with far greater abilities than his ordinary form. The metallic skin in this form was able to resist weapon fire and even reflect some back at his enemies. These included jets located on his elbows that allowed him to direct his flight.

He often travelled on his mount Sky-Runner that served as a living starship. The flying space squid-like organism was outfitted with weapons and other features along with a cockpit for Mon*star himself. Though considered his old friend, when Mon*star had been imprisoned for many years the Sky-Runner grew wild and even attacked him. This forced him to tame the beast once more to be his living companion again.

The base of operations for him and his gang was the red-covered world of Brimstar.


  • Mon*star was created by Rankin/Bass where he was voiced by actor Earl Hammond.
  • The character made a cameo appearance in the Thundercats 2011 animated series in the episode "Legacy" where he was shown on a view screen.


  • SilverHawks:

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