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The Muktar were a species from Disney's Aladdin.


The Muktar were a species who were the ancient enemies of the Genies. The race used to hunt as well as kill them which was done so in ancient times. In latter yearts, they were believed to be all extinct except for a single member of the race.

The last of the Muktar was hired by Genies former master Al Gebraic who wished for the genie to be captured once more. He was later hired by Mozenrath to capture Genie in order to steal his powers.


The Muktar appeared as walking reptilian creatures who wore extensive clothing that masks them. They were capable of smelling magic and tracking a being through those they had contact with.

In the old times, the Muktar were known to hunt the Genies as a matter of honour though the last member of their kind believed that to survive he had to change and thus hunted for gold.

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