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See the General disclaimer for copyright information about the material on the Multiversal Omnipedia itself.

Original work policy

Since this is designed as a free and open fictional encyclopedia, we are opposed to seeing material taken from published works and other people's Web sites and posted here. For example, someone once took an entry from another site for DC villain Professor Ivo and posted it here exactly as it appeared there. That is unacceptable.

Any entry posted on this site should be original material. Obviously, using other sites for research is fine- it's done all the time. But we have no patience for plagiarism- you should write the actual entry yourself. Any plagiarized material will be deleted, even (especially) if it is high-quality.

A proviso: if you are the author of said work from another site and you posted it here as a donation, that's fine. After all, you can't plagiarize yourself. (For example, since Jeb created the Gargoyles Encyclopedia, he sometimes copies portions of the entries he- and only he- wrote to this site.) However, if you do not tell at least one of the administrators that you posted your own material, we will assume it is plagiarized and we will delete it within 24 hours of discovery.

If you are warned about posting plagiarized material, and you don't listen, we will ban you. Probably for a very long time, if not forever.

Wikipedia deserves a mention here. Although they freely permit copying of their material, we still prefer that all entries on MOA be original work. We won't ban for adding material from Wikipedia, but we won't likely keep it, either.

Using material from MOA

As long as you credit MOA with it and provide a link to MOA ( somewhere on your site, you can copy material from here freely. However, don't link remotely to it; please copy it entirely to your own site (there are bandwidth issues).

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