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Naomi Hunter is a female video game character who features in Metal Gear.



Naomi Hunter

Her parents were killed during the Rhodesian Civil War by Frank Jaeger (a FOXHOUND agent codenamed Gray Fox). Once he realised what he had done, he adopted Naomi with him and raised her like his sister. Naomi never found out that Frank was the man who had killed her parents. She traveled to the USA with a name bought by Big Boss (so she could enter the country). Here she became interested in genetics and nanotechnology. This led her to do a doctorate and become a doctor. She joined FOXHOUND as the head of the medical department.

Naomi was on the team that was assembled to aid ex-FOXHOUND legend Solid Snake during the Shadow Moses incident, and during Snake's briefing injected him with various nanomachines, nootropics and an anti-freezing peptide to prevent his blood and other bodily fluids from freezing. However, Naomi had also been ordered to infect Snake with the deadly FOXDIE virus as part of his mission (see the FOXDIE page). This suited Naomi fine, as she wanted to kill Snake to avenge her "brother" Frank (as known by the codename of Gray Fox), whom Snake had killed in Zanzibar. In the end though FOXDIE failed to affect Snake, but killed his genetic twin brother Liquid Snake. Naomi came to forgive Snake for killing Frank, telling him to "Live, Snake. That's all I can say to you". It is never properly explained why Liquid died and Solid did not, since both Snakes had near identical genetic make up, but it is speculated that FOXDIE is still dormant inside Solid Snake, and will activate on a later date. However, Liquid said (through Ocelot) on the tanker that Naomi "passed him over for the FOXDIE-program".

It is possible that the reason Solid Snake is unaffected while Liquid dies from FOXDIE is due to the fact that Liquid and Solid have different DNA, despite the fact of both being clones of Big Boss (see Les Enfants Terribles), meaning FOXDIE didn't affect Solid Snake since the genetic profile of its intended target would have come from Liquid who was with FOXHOUND at the time while Snake was in retirement.

Another theory is that the FOXDIE injected into Snake would only become active when Snake was feeling a strong sense of hatred or anger, as Naomi believed Snake to be a psychotic killer, a perception that changed gradually over the course of the game. In Liquid Snake the virus only activated when he was particularly enraged at Solid Snake. It is also possible, and given as an explanation in the backstory of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, that Naomi programmed the virus not to kill Solid Snake at any set time, but at a random point after activation.

After the Shadow Moses incident, Naomi was arrested for injecting Snake with FOXDIE, and placed in an undetermined maximum security facility. However, Nastasha Romanenko reveals in her book In the Darkness of Shadow Moses: The Unofficial Truth (included with Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty) that Naomi escaped from the facility with the aid of an unknown stranger. Romanenko adds that, "I know of only one person who could have breached the base's tight security and successfully led someone to freedom", suggesting that it was Solid Snake who freed her, despite her attempted murder of him.


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  • Naomi Hunter was created by created by Hideo Kojima and designed by Yoji Shinkawa.


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