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Neo is a male movie character that features in The Matrix.



Neo was born as Thomas A. Anderson where he lived seemingly in the modern day in 1999 as an average everyday citizen in America. He had a social security number and grew up to work first in the United States Air Force before moving on as a computer programmer for a software company called MetaCortex. Beyond his professional life, he operated as a hacker that sold contraband programming and operated under an alias as Neo. Unknown to him at the time, the world he lived in was not real and he was one of billions of humans that were plugged into a vast computer system known as the Matrix. Sentient Machines had taken over the world and turned humans into living batteries that were plugged into the Matrix where they lived in a virtual world that replicated the year 1999. In fact, the year was closer to 2199 and the Machines had sent Agents that policed the Matrix. Around this time, subconsciously Anderson became aware that there was something wrong with the world he lived in but could not say what was wrong. During his research, he began to learn of something called the Matrix and began tracking down a man named Morpheus who was held as among the most dangerous men alive. On one night, he made an extensive online search for Morpheus whilst waiting to pick up contraband material when he fell asleep. A message interrupted his search with the words "The Matrix has you..." and "Follow the white rabbit" written on the screen. Anderson attempted to restore his computer when a final message wrote "Knock Knock Neo" when his client Choi along with his girlfriend Dujour arrived two hours late. He made the transaction with the thankful Choi inviting Neo to a night of partying at a nearby club. Initially, Anderson refused but saw a white rabbit tattoo on Dujour's arm and decided to tag along. At the club, he met a woman who said she was the sender of the message on his computer earlier and identified herself as Trinity who Anderson recognized as a wanted hacker that cracked the IRS D-base a long time ago. He was initially surprised to learn that Trinity was a woman as he had believed Trinity to be a man which she said that most guys thought the same as him. She confirmed his suspicions that something was not right with the world and intensified his confusion and desire to finding the truth.


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Initially, within the Matrix, Anderson had no great abilities beyond being a skilled hacker.


  • Neo was the protagonist in The Matrix movies where he was create by The Wachowskis and portrayed by actor Keanu Reeves in the films.

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