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The Neogenic Recombinator is a device that features in Marvel Comics.


The Neogenic Recombinator was the result of technological research at Empire State University by Dr. Curt Connors and his colleague. They developed a weapon capable of firing a beam of energy that was capable of genetic manipulation. Connors colleague used this device after being paid by J. Jonah Jameson to create the villain Scorpion. Later on, Dr. Michael Morbius used the technology to study Spider-mans blood but this sample got taken by a vampire bat which in turn bit Morbius turning him into a vampirish creature. Connors later used the Recombinator as part of Spider-mans genetic treatments in order to cure him from his random mutation. Ultimately, the technology was destroyed by Connors colleague who was the only person in recreating the research but he refused in making a new recombinator after seeing the damage caused by the numerous genetically created villains.


  • The Neogenic Recombinator was an original creation for the 1990s animated television series.


  • Spider-Man:

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