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Dr Nigel Fenway is a character that features in the series Threshold.


Fenway is a forensic microbiologist who used to head up NASA's science team; he is now primarily responsible for studying the biological effects of the alien signal on people, flora and fauna. His "60's radical" attitude has caused many confrontations with Deputy National Security Advisor Baylock and Dr. Caffrey (debating the sequestering of the Red Team members against their will, the violation of civil rights in detaining suspects and infectees, and hiding the truth from the public). However, his recent violation of Threshold protocol (frequenting the same coffeeshop regularly) resulted in a press leak of the Threshold project which not only endangered the mission, but resulted in the loss of innocent life; he now struggles with his guilt as well as the pressure of accepting a new set of beliefs as necessary. He has three ex-wives but no other known personal life.

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