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The Night King is a male character who features in Game of Thrones.



The Night King was originally one of the First Men of Westeros who had been captured by a tribe of the Children of the Forest. Among their number was Leaf who pressed a dragonglass dagger in his chest which turned his eyes blue and made him the first of the undead White Walkers. The reason behind his creation thousands of years ago was because mankind had invaded the lands of Westeros. This saw the First Men cutting down the sacred trees and slaughtering the Children of the Forest who sought a force to protect them from the invaders. Thus, they created the White Walkers to fulfil this task but the undead soon turned against their creators thus beginning an era that came to be known as the Long Night. This period came to end with the First Men and Children of the Forest's victory against the White Walkers in the War for the Dawn. Despite their victory, the Night King survived and retreated with his forces into the Lands of Always Winter where they faded into legend and myth. Though obscure, his existence was still a legendary figure known by name to some of the noble houses of the North.


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  • The Night King was created by George R. R. Martin where he featured in the setting of A Song of Ice and Fire.


  • Game of Thrones:

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