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The Non-Terrestrial Intelligence is an alien species that feature in the movie, The Abyss.



The Non-Terrestrial Intelligence (N.T.I.) were an aquatic dwelling alien race that at some unknown came to the planet Earth where they resided on a large space ship submerged at the bottom of the ocean. They managed to remain undetected by humanity but observed mankind for an unknown legnth of time. The first definitive encounter between them and mankind came when the USS Montana which was an American ballistic missile submarine where it sank at the Cayman Trough in 1989. This led to growing levels of hostility between the United States of America and the Soviet Union. As a result, the American military dispatched a SEAL team with deep sea diving experts to retrieve the submarine along with its deadly cargo of nuclear ordnance. During this time, they manage to discover the existence of the N.T.I.'s and Lt. Hiram Coffey who suffered from high pressure nervous syndrome saw the aliens as a threat. Thus, he sought to eliminate them by using a trident missile and directing it at the aliens whilst the civilian crew attempted to stop him.


Technologically, the NTIs were able to seemingly shape and control water. They were able to create probes from it that worked as a living column of water that was used to explore unknown surroundings. The water was able to alter its properties and mimic facial features as an attempt to communicate with outsiders. In addition, they were able to control the water in order to cause it to recede so that they could form pockets of air for Humans to breath. A larger scale of their water manipulation capabilities included being able to create enormous mega-tsunami scale waves that were able to threat every coastline on the planet Earth. Whilst able to accomplish this task, the NTIs were able to cause the standards waves to recede back harmlessly where they returned to normal ocean levels.


  • The actual name of the alien species is unknown and the term N.T.I. is given by the crew when they learn that they are dealing with a non-human species.

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