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The Nova bomb is a type of weapon that features in the tv show Andromeda.



Despite possessing such weapons, it was known that the Systems Commonwealth never made use of such devices. High Guard ships of the line such as Glorious Heritage class heavy cruisers were capable of carrying upto forty such bombs. (Episode: An Affirming Flame) In the final days of the Commonwealth, the Andromeda Ascendant was ambushed by the Nietzscheans who went into a full scale uprising starting with forces from the Hephaistus system. The ships first officer Gaheris Rhade suggested to Captain Dylan Hunt to use Nova Bombs but he rejected his proposal. (Episode: Under the Night) During the fall of the Commonwealth, the High Guard personnel of Guard Station GS-92196 managed to gather at least twenty four warheads which they placed on Slipfighters. The commanding officer of the station later informed the crews children to wait until the High Guard returned and entrusted the safekeeping of the warheads to their descendants. (Episode: To Loose the Fateful Lightning)

The Nightsider Gerentex later learnt of the existence of the Andromeda Ascendant being trapped in the black hole and decided to salvage the ship in order to sell the powerful Nova bombs stored within it. (Episode: Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way) When the Andromeda Ascendant was trapped for three hundred years in the effects of a black hole, Captain Hunt authorized nova deployment of forty Nova Bombs which reversed the singularity into a white hole. (Episode: An Affirming Flame) At least a further 24 Nova bombs were placed on Type 2 Arc Glide Slipfighters that remained in a hanger at Guard Station GS-92196 but the descendants of the original crew were unable to access them as they lacked the passwords to gain enter the hanger. When Captain Hunt arrived, the children gained access to the warheads and used one of them to destroy the Dyhedra system thus eliminating the entire Magog nest there. They further intended to use the Slipfighters to deploy Nova bombs in over two dozen systems used by the neighboring Nietzschean and Magog in order to eliminate their foes. Captain Hunt managed to remotely eject the pilots from their Slipfighters and cause the destruction of the ships along with their Nova bombs. Unknown to anyone, Hunt had managed to save one of the warheads and secretly kept it onboard the Andromeda Ascendant just in case though he was not content with his decision. (Episode: To Loose the Fateful Lightning)

This warhead was later used agaisnt the Magog Worldship in order to eliminate the threat posed by it. However, the destroyed star that powered the Worldship was absorbed by the Spirit of the Abyss. This left the large vessel crippled but under repair whilst it continued its mission. With the failure in destroying the Worldship, Captain Hunt made it his mission to restore the Commonwealth to combat this threat. (Episode: The Widening Gyre) Later, he had Seamus Harper work in Machine Shop 5 on the Andromeda Ascendant in order to create a new Nova bomb to combat in order for it to be used against the coming Magog Worldship. (Episode: Pitiless as the Sun) At Ral Parthia, Captain Hunt encountered the Vedran Uxulta who was a Vice Admiral in Argosy Operations and ordered Dylan to provide her with a Nova Bomb. This was later dismantled and the Voltarium within it was used to power special equipment that was used to sever the system from the slipstream routes thus making it inaccessible to outsiders. (Episode: The Fair Unknown) Afterwards, Seamus Harper began work on another specifically modified Nova Bomb that was called Rosanne and was three times more powerful than an ordinary warhead with the intention of using the weapon against the Magog World Ship. However, the invasion of aliens from a Pocket Universe led to the warhead being launched into the interdimensional tunnel thus sealing it and halting their advance into the Known Worlds. (Episode: The Tunnel at the End of the Light)

In CY 10089, the planet Marduk which was a heavily militarized world was taken over by a ruthless dictator. Amongst his first commands was a massive armament program and developing of Voltarium based weaponry with tests being conducted by deploying Nova Bombs into nearby suns. The political situation being delicate prevented the restored Systems Commonwealth from directly intervening which was only further hampered by the systems extensive defense network. This led to a black ops mission being conducted by the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant which was done under the grounds of plausible deniability thus allowing the Voltarium generators to be destroyed thus crippling the planets weapon capability. (Episode: Slipfighter: The Dogs of War)


Constructed through a radioactive compound known as Voltarium that was hazardrous for Human health during prolonged exposure. They were kept onboard High Guard ships where they were placed under Nova Containment protocols which needed to be authorized. (Episode: To Loose the Fateful Lightning) Voltarium was known to not exist in nature and was typically known to be only good for one thing; namely making Nova Bombs. The aftermath of the usage of one of these weapons were known to leave nothing left in their path. Standard weapons testing of Nova Bombs meant that at least two needed to be deployed and detonated before it was deemed of sufficient standard to mass produce for warfare. (Episode: Slipfighter: The Dogs of War)

Weapons of mass destruction, Nova Bombs were considered strategic weapons only that were to be used in the most desperate of circumstances. (Episode: Under the Night) The warheads were small enough that they were capable of being carried by slipfighters. (Episode: To Loose the Fateful Lightning) Larger cruisers such as the Glorious Heritage class were capable of carrying upto forty such bombs. These weapons only possessed a singular purpose which was complete destruction and it was stated that was there only purpose. The sheer power of these weapons meant that the deployment of forty such bombs against a black hole was capable of reversing its effect and turning it into a white hole which was a miniature Big Bang. (Episode: An Affirming Flame)


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