Novus units in Universe at War: Earth Assault

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The following are units of the Novus that feature in the game Universe at War: Earth Assault.




Ohm Robot

Ohm Robot.

The standard infantry used by the Novus which created them to be fragile and capable of little damage. However, their construction makes them cheap and allows the Novus to field them in large numbers capable of overwhelming the enemy. Their flechette rifles are strong against both ground infantry and aircraft but fair poorly against ground vehicles or enemy turrets.

The Ohm series are also capable of swarming over an inorganic target and exploding; sacrificing themselves to destroy the enemy.

Blade Trooper

Blade Trooper.

The Blade Troopers are the heavy infantry used by the Novus and built as a shocktrooper for use against their enemies. They make use of a jetpack to boost across the environment allowing them to travel long distances as well as cross water. This make them immune to the Amplifier's lockdown ability.

Rather then be fitted with a ranged weapon, the Blade Trooper maks use of a melee attack which are energy blades attached to the arms. This makes them limited in their attacks as the enemy needs to be in front of them. However, when encountering them, the Blade Trooper is extraordinary against enemy infantry as well as light structures and turrets. However, They fair poorly against vehicles and walkers.

In addition to the energy blade, these Novus also include blackout bombs which diminish the enemies visual abilities. Furthermore, they are capable of duplicating themselves making short lived clones to overwhelm the enemy. Additional nanite research adds to the lifespan of the clones.



The Hackers serve as a Novus support unit with thir purpose being not military based. This makes them appear insignificant to the enemy which commonly leads them to be ignored due to their lack of an attack ability. Their computer abilities are, however, enhanced allowing them to lockdown an enemy unit and preventing them from moving or taking over an enemy turret. Furthermore, their machine nature means they are immune to mind control and are invulerable to the Amplifier's lockdown ability.

These Novus are capable of using their purge abilities to help remove mind control abilities over allied infantry and disrupt enemy cloaks. Furthermore, they also make use of a viral bomb which damages infected enemy units.



Field Inverter

Antimatter Tank



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