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Number 6 was the name given to a man who was the central focus of the organization behind the Village. They wanted to know why Number 6 had resigned from his job as a secret agent, but 6- who quickly rejected the numerical designation (but never revealed what his real name was)- was completely uncooperative. He resisted constant attempts to break him, tried to escape on a regular basis, and later, began trying to subvert the Village itself. Many of his efforts were focused on defeating Number 2, his chief tormentor, and seeking Number 1, the Village's mastermind.

In the end, after killing the last known Number 2 in a battle of wills, he met Number 1, finding the mysterious leader to be himself. Number 1 escaped in a rocket, possibly destroying the Village, and Number 6 left with a resurrected Number 2, an individual known as the Butler, and the rebellious Number 48. Dropping them off at various locales, Six then drove off to parts unknown.


Much speculation abounds about the possibility that Number 6 was actually John Drake of the spy series Secret Agent- a character played, like Number 6, by The Prisoner series creator Patrick McGoohan. McGoohan denies this, but series co-creator (of sorts) George Markstein confirms it. So it's ambiguous as to whether that theory is actually truth. It is, however, widely accepted as true.

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