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A big game hunter pretending to be in the tourist business, O'Rourke, a stocky bison, hired Baloo and Wildcat to fly him out to the Mugave Desert. There, he said, once every hundred years, life-giving waters would spring forth at dawn, creating a lush, tropical prehistoric landscape teeming with dinosaurs, which would last until sunset when the spring ceased flowing. Once there, Baloo discovered that O'Rourke was right. He and O'Rourke set about with a scheme to keep the wellwaters flowing indefinitely, so they could open up a tourist attraction. At least, that's what Baloo thought. O'Rourke, on the other hand, really intended to fly high-paying hunters to the tropical paradise for the chance to shoot real, life dinosaurs. It was thanks to the efforts of Wildcat, who befriended many of the gentle dinosaurs during his stay in the valley, that O'Rourke was thwarted.

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