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Obidalbedsugs are animals that feature in Atlantis: Milo's Return.



Obidalbedsugs were reptilian animals that were native beneath the surface of the planet Earth. Their existence was known the inhabitants of the sunken city of Atlantis. Milo and select surface humans became aware of these creatures after arriving at sunken city. Milo gained one such creature as a pet who he referred to as Obby and took to the surface when Kida decided to look for influences the Atlantean people had on the surface. In order to mask Obby's origins on the surface world, it was claimed that Obby was actually a Brazilian iguana.


In appearance, these animals were purple skinned reptilians that were six legged animals with long tails and elongated snouts. They were stated to be born in lava and actually navigated instead rivers of lava without harm. In fact, they were referred as lava dogs and were shown to be comfortable in both lava and fire. These lava dogs were able to extend their tongue out similar to a frog in order to snatch distant objects. Typically, they use this to latch onto food that they bring into their mouths. Their food was anything that they stumbled upon which even included rocks that Obidalbedsugs ate regularly. They were noted for not used to having a variety within their diet.

Known Lava Dogs

  • Obby :


  • Atlantis: Milo's Return:

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