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Office of Naval Intelligence is an organisation that features in Halo.



The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) was an intelligence service within the United Nations Space Command that was formed in the year 2178 CE.


Its purpose was operating as a military intelligence firm that presided over such affairs at the UNSC. Their preeminent role of the acquisition and leverage of military intelligence was achieved through subterfuge, deception and manipulation all with the goal of defending humanity.

Similar to other intelligence agencies, ONI had a number of distinctive branches and divisions. Among these included:

  • Section One : acquired intelligence through military espionage.
  • Section Two : handled external communication and public morale.
  • Section Three : responsible for driving special projects along with oversight of various groups that generated new innovations by leveraging advanced alien technology.

In addition to these branches, there were lesser known and theoretical sections whose complete role and influence remains unclear.

Among their various special projects included the SPARTAN programs, Project: MJOLNIR and investigating Forerunner sites. The agency maintained dozens of major research and analysis facilities across human occupied space.

Their headquarters was situated on Earth at Sydney in the Commonwealth of Australia.


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