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Oliver Queen as the Arrow.

Oliver Queen is a male television character that features in Arrow.




He was then found by a woman by the name of Talia who told him that she sought for him to reach his potential and took him the path of revenge by targeting the people in his fathers list. To begin this, she had him take a symbol of his revenge which was that of the hooded archer. During this time, he struck and killed numerous people in Russia with people referring to the mysterious figure as Luchnik (Translation: Archer). (Episode: Bratva)

The Vigilante


Coming of the Demon

As part of his role as Warith al Ghul (Heir to the Demon), Al Sah-him underwent a grueling training regime and was exposed to a number of drugs to numb his mind in order to better prepare him for becoming the Demon's Head. This culminated in him killing a captive though his drug addled mind made the prisoner appear as Diggle who he killed without hesitation. Upon seeing this, Ra's al Ghul decided that Al Sah-him was ready for the next step in his training namely to eliminate any rival heirs to the position of leader of the League. As such, he went to Starling City in order to capture Nyssa al Ghul and bring her back to Nanda Parbat. His initial attempt was thwarted by Team Arrow who took Nyssa into their custody forcing Al Sah-him to resort to more drastic measures namely kidnapping the newly married Lyla Diggle. He held her as a hostage and asked that Ra's al Ghul's daughter be brought to him which Team Arrow did so reluctantly at the insistence of Nyssa. At the exchange site, Team Arrow attacked the League but Al Sah-him ruthlessly battled them until he was confronted by Felicity leading to him calling a retreat but not before Nyssa was captured. He returned her to Nanda Parbat where she was put before her father with Ra's al Ghul commanding that she be killed. Al Sah-him demonstrated no hesitation in trying to kill her but Ra's then stemmed his hand as he wanted to see his commitment to the Demon's Heads commands. Instead, he decided that Nyssa would have a role still and ordained that his daughter marry Al Sah-him to become the Bride of the Demon. Nyssa stated that she would rather die but was not given an option in the marriage with her being taken away to be prepared for the ceremony. In the mean time, Ra's al Ghul also revealed a second reason for the capture of Nyssa namely that she had taken the Alpha-Omega virus. With the virus at hand, the Demon's Head stated that for every person that becoming Ra's al Ghul they needed to destroy every trace of their past as they fully adopted the role. Thus, Al Sah-him was required to unleash the virus on Starling City and destroy it before he became the new Ra's al Ghul. (Episode: Al Sah-him)

Green Arrow


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Powers and abilities


  • Oliver Queen was portrayed by actor Stephen Amell where he was developed for the live-action television series by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg
  • The character was adapted from Green Arrow who was created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp.

In other media

Video games

  • In Injustice: Gods Among Us, the Arrow version of Oliver Queen was an alternate skin for Green Arrow with him being voiced by Stephen Amell.


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