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Oma Desala is a female television character that features in Stargate.



Going against the ways of the Ancients, who strictly believe against interfering in the lower planes of existence, Oma is convinced it is her responsibility as an ascended being to guide those beneath to the "Great Path" of enlightenment. Because of this she has somewhat become an outcast among the other ascended beings.[1] She, and those who follow her, walk a fine line between going against the wishes of the other Ancients by interfering with other races, and maintaining their rules enough so that she does not bring down their wrath.[2] However, she is only able to open the door for them, as she can guide individuals to the path, knowing it is they, and they alone, who can make the decision of whether or not to travel the great path.[3] She acts mostly on the planet Kheb, on which some sort of Buddhist temple is located, in which the people learn about ascension.[4]

However, she once made a great mistake when she helped the fallen System Lord Anubis to ascend. Anubis had discovered Ancient information about ascension and thus was able to pass all of Oma's tests. When his true nature was revealed, the others decided not to completely de-ascend him to punish Oma for her constant breaking of the rules and to force her to watch how he brought terror upon the galaxy.[5] Oma was the self-appointed guardian of Shifu, the son of Apophis and Sha're. Through her guidance Shifu learned to deny the evil Goa'uld knowledge he possessed in his mind, and to eventually ascend himself.[6]

It is unclear if Oma was one of the Ancients, as Orlin had not heard of her. However, Orlin could have been experiencing memory loss as he had just taken human form. [1] The Ancient Merlin, however, had known Oma when he was ascended, and told Dr. Jackson that she had been helping people ascend for over 1000 years. He also said that she focused more on the individual, but did not elaborate further.[7]

Oma Desala was first encountered by the SGC when SG-1 came to the planet Kheb in their search for Shifu, the young son of Apophis and Sha're. During their stay, the team discovered a Buddhist temple, where a single monk appeared to reside. The monk spoke in riddles, but spoke about a being called Oma Desala, a name Daniel Jackson translated as "Mother Nature". Also, the monk taught Daniel to use his mind to, among other things, manipulate fire.

However, when several Jaffa arrived on the planet, also searching for Shifu, SG-1 was forced to set up a defense at the temple. While SG-1 prepared to fight off the Goa'uld attack team, Daniel discovered that it was not his own mind that performed these amazing feats, but Oma Desala, a non-corporal being living on Kheb. With this knowledge he decides to leave Shifu in Oma's care, who in return neutralizes the remaining Jaffa.[4]

Shifu appeared again one year later, now aged to the state of a young boy. He revealed to Jackson through an elaborate dream that Oma Desala taught him how to suppress the evil Goa'uld genetic memory he possessed. Eventually, Shifu was able to ascend himself, again with the help of Oma.[6]

Several months later, after Daniel Jackson became poisoned by naqahdria radiation while preventing a cataclysmic accident on the planet Langara, Oma Desala appeared in a series of visions to Jackson while he was lying on his death bed. Oma told him that although she could not heal him, she could help him to ascend. Although Jackson at first had to struggle with his own inadequacy, he was finally able to ascend with Oma Desala's help.[3]

One year later, while the ascended Daniel Jackson was helping his former team members to prevent Anubis from obtaining the Eye of Ra, a devastating weapon hidden on Abydos, Oma Desala watched Jackson interact with the mortal world. She helped Skaara and several other Abydonians who were killed during Anubis and SG-1's battle over the Eye to ascend. She later intervened when Daniel was about to use his ascended powers against Anubis to save the people of Abydos, and prevented him from doing so. Instead, when Anubis destroyed the planet below, she helped the entire population to ascend.[2]

As Daniel had broken the ascended's rules, Oma was forced to de-ascend him and to take away his memories. Jackson was sent to the planet Vis Uban, where he was later discovered by his former team mates.[8] However, it would later appear that Oma did not completely strip away Jackson's memories, but in fact had buried them deep in his subconscious.[9]

Oma Desala appeared one final time to Daniel Jackson almost two years later. After Jackson had been abducted and killed by Replicator Carter, who had attempted to extract the Ancient knowledge still buried in his subconscious mind, Oma brought him to an intermediate level between ascension and mortal existence where she again attempted to convince him to ascend. During his brief stay, Jackson learned about the connection between Oma and Anubis, and how he once tricked her into partially ascending him.

Still feeling guilty about the catastrophic mistake she once had made, she sacrifices herself to enter into an eternal battle with Anubis. According to Anubis, Oma Desala could not kill him, but as she continued to fight him, he would be unable to do anything else. As the half-ascended Goa'uld was in the process of using the Dakara Superweapon to eliminate all life in the Milky Way, her benevolence and self-sacrifice saved the entire galaxy.[5]


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  • Oma Desala was portrayed by actors Carla Boudreau ("Maternal Instinct") and Mel Harris ("Meridian," etc.).


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