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Omega is a male alien character that features in Doctor Who.



He was a stellar engineer and a member of the High Council of Gallifrey where among his creations was the Hand of Omega. This was a remote stellar manipulator that had the ability to control the reactions within a star. (Episode: Remembrance of the Daleks)


Personality and attributes

In appearance, he was a humanoid though his true form was long lost due to his presence in the anti-matter universe. As a result, his body was subject to his will and he was able to create a masked costumed form for himself. However, he lacked any true substance as his original body was long destroyed after his attempt at taming the Eye of Harmony. (Episode: The Three Doctors)

He was very bitter towards his fellow Time Lords due to the events that saw him imprisoned in the anti-matter universe. Whilst he knew the dangers, he claimed that he was sacrificed by his comrades in order for them to attain greatness. As such, he showed an eternal hatred towards his own people and sought vengeance against them. Though acknowledged as a hero on Gallifrey, Omega showed nothing but scorn as he believed he should have become a god for his actions. (Episode: The Three Doctors)

Omega was also prone to paranoia and was noted for his random changes in his mood. In addition, he lacked any restraint and had a vicious temper to the point that these aspects of his personality meant that the Doctor considered him a madman. Despite this being the case, he was noted for his incredible willpower which was the primary reason for his survival in the anti-matter universe. (Episode: The Three Doctors)

Powers and abilities

Due to his body's composition, he suffered an adverse affect from exposure to normal matter as its interaction with his anti-matter body led to an explosion. (Episode: The Three Doctors)



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