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Opar was a lost city that featured in the Tarzan universe.

Lost City

The path to the city of Opar existed deep in the lands of Africa where the road path led to a mountain side which possessed an ancient statue with writings of a lost people present on its surface. The statue was of a sitting African man with an enlarged mouth and having fix arms holding stony knives that are pointed towards one another. A small hand held tablet contained a series of writings from the wall which served as a clue to finding Opar. Behind it was a series of stairs and tunnels that led a way to the land where the city was located. The entrance way was guarded by a secret tribe of Africans who watched over the area to prevent trespassers from reaching the city. This was because the path to Opar was considered sacred by these people. At the end of the tunnels was a chamber holding another statue of an African warrior which stood by the side of a stony doorway which required to be forced open for further entry. Once there, a trap door on the floor opened dropping adventurers into a water filled cave. Leaving the cave allows for entry onto the mainland where the city was located.

The city itself was located in the valley and was a large pyramid with a broken peak which was rumoured to contain the secrets of immortality. By the entrance to the city was two rows of statues of African warriors that watched those that entered the pyramid. By the doorway were two raised daises which had drums where masked African guardsmen beat the drums while a priest stood by the doorway. Inside were also stacks of gold, jewels and other such treasures.

Inside the pyramid were numerous chambers which held rooms or weapons. At the heart of the city was a throne which served as the central location for the cradle of civilization. The roof of the chamber held a circular hole that contained a crystal glass which was accessed to the broken roof. A person who sat in the throne immediately attracted its ancient magic with storms gathering and bright light descending on the person sitting on the central chair. Once engulfed, the person was trapped in the pillar of golden light with electricity coursed through them. After some time, the individual on the throne experienced pain with their skeleton becoming slowly transparent. The final part of the process involved the individual being consumed by the fiery energy which exploded around the pyramid and into the cloudy sky which dissipated as well as rejuvenated the land.

The guardian Mugambi was capable of transforming into a magical snake. He was also able to create a small army of African masked warriors from bone pieces from a small bag. Once dropped to the ground, the single bone was capable of manifesting as magical warriors to attack enemies.

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